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Prepare yourselves, ritestreamers, because 2024 is set to be a year overflowing with exciting developments! From exclusive content drops to revolutionary Web3 integrations, ritestream is gearing up to reshape the creator economy and take your entertainment experience to the next level.

Let’s dive right into the detailed plans and milestones of the 2024 roadmap.

Q1, 2024

  • January 24th: RITESTREAM+ Beta Live — Experience the next level of streaming as we launch the RITESTREAM+ Beta https://app.ritestream.io/. This beta phase is your chance to test drive an experience that champions diverse voices and empowers creators. Currently free to enjoy (for a limited time only).
  • January 30th: $RITE & LP (USDT:$RITE) Staking Live — Participate in liquidity pool staking to earn rewards and be an integral part of the ritestream ecosystem.
  • January 31st: Updated Ecosystem Utility, Roadmap and Burn Mechanism — Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the updated ritestream ecosystem, its utility model, burn mechanism, and an enhanced roadmap, showcasing our commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Fifth ritestream Ecosystem Reveal: We’re adding another layer of excitement to the ritestream ecosystem. Brace yourselves for the big reveal!
  • Shortlisting of Web3 Projects for CryptoKnights Season 1 — We will engage with the community as we embark on the journey of shortlisting Web3 projects through AMAs and community voting.
  • CryptoKnights (Season 1) pre-production starts — stay tuned as we set the stage for the blockchain reality show CryptoKnights.

Q2, 2024

  • riteApp will be available on App stores.
  • Bridge $RITE to Ethereum — Connect seamlessly by bridging your $RITE tokens to Ethereum for expanded possibilities and enhanced liquidity.
  • Target Listing on Tier 1 Exchange — Aim for broader visibility as we target listings on Tier 1 exchanges.
  • First Film and TV Launchpad Crowdfund — CryptoKnights — Participate in the first-ever Film and TV Launchpad crowdfund for CryptoKnights, a revolutionary project that is set to redefine the crowdfunding landscape.
  • CryptoKnights Sizzle Reel release — get ready for a sneak peek of the CryptoKnights show.
  • CryptoKnights (Season 1) filming — Join us as the cameras roll for CryptoKnights (Season 1) filming.
  • CryptoKnights (Season 1) post-production starts — get ready for the grand reveal of CryptoKnights Season 1 as it takes its final form in post-production.
  • CryptoKnights Launchpad(Season 1) will be open for the first community allocations.

Q3, 2024

  • Start Releasing Rewards for CryptoKnights NFT Holders — Rewarding our community, we will commence the distribution of benefits for CryptoKnights NFT holders.
  • CryptoKnights (Season 1 episode 1) — The wait is over! Immerse yourself as we release the first episode of CryptoKnights Season 1.
  • Shortlisting of Web3 Projects for CryptoKnights Season 2 — Expect AMAs and community voting as we open shortlisting for CryptoKnights Season 2.
  • CryptoKnights (Season 2) pre-production starts — get ready for the next chapter as we start pre-production for CryptoKnights Season 2.
  • Film and TV Launchpad Crowdfund: CryptoKnights (Season 2) — Participate in the Film and TV Launchpad Crowdfund for Cryptoknights (Season 2) and become a key supporter of the next thrilling chapter.
  • CryptoKnights (Season 2) filming (or October depending on logistic issues) — join us as the camera starts rolling for CryptoKnights (Season 2) filming.
  • CryptoKnights (Season 2) post-production starts (or October depending on logistic issues) — Get ready for the final reveal as we enter the final phase of the CryptoKnights (Season 2)
  • Film and TV Launchpad Crowdfund: For other shows & films

Q4, 2024

  • Start releasing rewards for CryptoKnights (Season 2) NFT holders
  • CryptoKnights Launchpad(Season 2) will be open for the first community allocations.
  • CryptoKnights Season 1 last episode — Dive into the final episode of CryptoKnights Season 1, where the thrilling blockchain show reaches its conclusion.
  • CryptoKnights (Season 2) first episode — As the first Season ends, do not fret since we will release the first episode for Season 2 right after.
  • Film and TV Launchpad Crowdfund: For other shows & films


The ritestream roadmap is designed to bring you an unforgettable journey filled with innovation, community engagement, and groundbreaking content. The ritestream revolution is just beginning, and you’re invited to be a part of it.

Stay connected and be part of the ritestream community! Follow us on our social media platforms for the latest updates and exciting announcements.

To learn more about our Ecosystem, Utility, and Burn Mechanism you can click the respective article links.

If you want to know more about our Staking Benefits, read here.

DISCLAIMER: We value transparency and aim to follow our roadmap timelines, however, please note that unforeseen circumstances may require date adjustments. Any changes will be posted on our official platforms. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we work to deliver the best possible outcomes for our community.

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