The 5 pillars of ritestream’s Entertainment Ecosystem

Dixie Biscocho
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3 min readJan 31, 2024


If you love a world of perks, receiving complimentary regular airdrops, exclusive content access, limited edition memorabilia, opportunities for credits in TV shows and movies, interaction with cast and crew, and the ability to influence show directions — you are in the RITE place!

At ritestream, we’re transforming the entertainment industry with our groundbreaking Web3 ecosystem, disrupting traditional content funding, production, distribution, and viewer engagement models. ritestream offers fans a chance to be part of the journey, with exclusive access and privileges.

Film and TV Launchpad

Fund the production of new TV shows by purchasing NFTs and get a share in the rewards & airdrops.

How to get allocation?

Stake your $RITE Tokens. Allocation is based on how much $RITE you staked. More detailed information to be revealed soon.


Gamification mobile app for our content. Vote to shape outcomes, predict to win prizes, & more coming soon. Collect glimmers to vote!

How to get glimmers?

Staking $RITE gives you regular “glimmer” drops in riteApp. Use glimmers to vote and shape outcomes in shows & movies.


Enjoy hundreds of hours of TV and movie content. Currently free to enjoy (for a limited time only). Visit

How to unlock the premium content?

Staking $RITE gives you a chance to access selected premium content to CryptoKnights “Web3 Shark Tank” show. More details coming soon.

CryptoKnights Launchpad

Invest with the Knights and enjoy BIG discounts! Our community will get access to deals only a select few Tier 1 VCs and whales can dream of!

How to get an allocation?

Stake your $RITE Tokens. Allocation is based on how much $RITE you staked. More detailed information to be revealed soon.

The Rite Fund

The Rite Fund opens up the possibility for ritestream’s community to invest early in the best upcoming Web3 projects to be featured in CryptoKnights TV show, at much larger allocations and discounts.

If you are holding 500,000 $RITE tokens or more, fill out the Rite Fund Info form to get directly connected to the team and learn more about the Rite Fund.

All 5 pillars above will have an automatic burn mechanism.

Buckle up because we will soon introduce a burn mechanism that will fuel our entire ecosystem. We will buy and burn $RITE tokens to ensure long-term stability.


Staking $RITE tokens unlocks various advantages, including airdrops, discounted allocations, exclusive rewards, and even “glimmers” that give you the ability to shape show outcomes and so much more.

Start staking $RITE and follow us for updates.

Where to buy $RITE?

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