Ruby on Rails

Tutorials and opinions about development in Ruby on Rails.

Dissecting Rails monolith. Basics.

How and why one may refactor rails app into pack of rails engines

TL;DR: Why? Reveal dependencies. Make technical debt manageable. Save your cognitive budget by having smaller context. How? Extract stylesheets, then migrations and models as core engine, put controller namespaces into…

Web Security Basics

My reflections on a talk by Andy Lindeman of GitHub.

“Web security is some science and some art.”
- Andy Lindeman, GitHub

Today we were lucky enough to have Andy join us for a guest talk on making our rails applications more secure. If you’d like to skip my reflections and just read his presentation, see below…

The Logic Behind Logical Operators

Using “&&”, “||”, “and”, and “or”

One of the most compelling aspects of the Ruby language is the sweetness of its syntactic…

MongoDB Relations

Embedding and referencing docucments

Mongo’s relations are the NoSQL equivalent of associations found in relational databases. While serving a…

RailsConf 2014 Reflections

This year’s RailsConf was my first one and definitely a highlight in my web development career. Only an event like this could showcase the tremendous impact a web framework has had on the world around us. I met developers making serious Rails applications for startups, big enterprises, and even the government. I was also impressed by the range of experiences of the…

Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails

Tutorials and opinions about development in Ruby on Rails.

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