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In preparation for our very first LAND presale round, we have made a list of frequently asked questions to help users get started with The Sandbox metaverse.

In this article, you can find out all there is to know about our LAND presale, the blockchain features behind our tokens, smart contracts, the importance of a LAND in our metaverse, and the process to get your piece of The Sandbox.

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LAND presale

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What is a LAND?

LANDS are scarce and unique tokens (NFT) that are basically plots of digital space in The Sandbox that will enable their owners to create, monetize, and play games.

Find more information in our article about LAND:

How do I buy a LAND?

To buy a LAND you’ll need the following:

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Where I can see my LAND?

Once you go through the transaction process, you’ll be able to see your LAND in your wallet and your marketplace profile:

How much time do I have to wait for the transaction?

Once you have selected your LAND and before the final check out, you’ll need to specify a gas fee, a transaction fee that you need to pay when interacting with the blockchain.

You’ll be able to select an amount that should range from a few cents to less than $1 USD, with lower fees corresponding with a longer wait. It should only take minutes to complete the transaction even at lower rates.

Does it matter the location I choose on the map?

The Sandbox map will already contain reserved estates and parcels from investors and other blockchain projects that are associated with us. If you choose a location that is close to one of these parcels and estates (for example, close to the Sandbox Estate), your LAND should be more valuable.

How much does a LAND cost?

Prices will be fixed in USD on our primary marketplace until LANDS are sold out. The price for the Public LAND sale will be $48 USD, but if you participate in our presale you’ll get significant discounts.

You can find the advantages of participating in our LAND presale (aka discounts and LAND location) in our latest article about it:


You may encounter one of these issues during the transaction process:

Something went wrong

This pop-up might show up for the following reasons:

  • Another transaction on the same LAND/ESTATE is in progress: This means that you clicked at the “same exact time” as someone else (a second or less) and you saw the option to buy the LAND or ESTATE, but in reality, someone else beat you to it by less than a second and is going through the buying process.
  • Rejecting the transaction: As soon as you go through the purchase process, you’ll have the option to reject and cancel the transaction in the middle of being pushed to the blockchain, if you decide to do this, you’ll be charged with the transaction fee anyways, and the error will show up.
  • Insufficient funds: If you don’t count with enough ETH to purchase the LAND or ESTATE you want to buy, you’ll encounter this error message on our marketplace and also your wallet.
  • There was an issue with blockchain and the transaction was rejected: The blockchain ecosystem is great in many ways, offering a myriad of options to be benefited from, and also be a very complicated tool to work with. Some issues can escape from our hands, however, wallets can keep track of these issues and also, you’ll be able to see your transaction with all its details at

If you happen to encounter another issue that is not listed here, please fill out this form we have prepared to provide assistance:

Others know issues

ALERT “Insufficient Funds” appears in Metamask

This message means you do not have enough ETH currency in your wallet to purchase the LAND or ESTATE. Increase your account balance and try again until the amount in your balance is above the cost of the LAND or ESTATE.

Find here our article on how to buy ETH:

ALERT “Transaction Error. Exception Thrown in contract code” appears in Metamask

In some cases and because the Blockchain is not synchronized in real-time, it is possible that another user has already purchased the LAND or ESTATE that you are trying to buy.

Our Map display updates every minute to reflect the latest information and try to minimize the discrepancy, so you can always see the most updated information. If the error message happens, it means your purchase of the LAND or ESTATE will not go through as it is no longer available for purchase. If you already performed the Transaction in your wallet, don’t worry, your ETH will not be decreased from your balance.

The BUY BUTTON is grayed and cannot be clicked

If the BUY button is grayed like this, it means the parcel you are trying to buy is being bought by someone else.

We are limiting LANDS and ESTATES to be bought simultaneously by 1 user only to avoid 1 LAND to be sold to 2 users at once.

Blockchain 101

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What is a wallet & how do I create one?

A digital wallet is a piece of software that manages your cryptocurrencies and also allows you to interact with blockchain technologies like Ethereum. You can use this digital wallet in The Sandbox marketplace to publish and sell your digital creations using the Ethereum blockchain.

The Sandbox uses MetaMask and Bitski wallets, and you can find a guideline on how to create one here:

What is a gas fee (gwei)?

Ethereum is considered to be a world computer, operated by many computers across the world. This means that interacting with it incurs a small transaction fee called “gas” to compensate the operators of the Ethereum network.

This gas fee is paid in Ether and can vary in price depending on how quickly you wish to publish your creations. Generally, you should expect this fee to range from a few cents to less than $1 USD.

How to buy Eth?

In preparation for the first round of LAND presale launching this December 5th, we want to give you a heads up on how to participate and get your piece of The Sandbox metaverse.

In order to do so, you will need to fill-up your Sandbox wallet with ETH.
This process consists of 3 simple steps:
1. Set up your wallet in The Sandbox (Metamask/Bitski)
2. Buy ETH on a third-party exchange (Coinbase/Wyre/Coinswitch)
3 Send ETH from the exchange (Coinbase) to your Sandbox wallet

Full tutorial here:

The Sandbox Gaming platform

Find our project updates here:

What can I do with a LAND?

LAND is your ticket to a creative world you can customize, populate with ASSETS, and bring to life as a space to play in, explore, or just host friends for social experiences.

You’ll be able to create game experiences that can be monetized, place your ASSETS (NFTs) that you buy from our marketplace, and combine it with more LANDS in order to create ESTATES.

Find more about LAND in this article:

When I will be able to use my LAND?

The Sandbox game maker, which you’ll be able to use to place your NFTs, create game experiences and more, will not be available before Q1 of 2020.
You can take a look a our roadmap here:

If you don’t see the question that you have here, we recommend you to join our social channels and get help from our team members.