Project update: Game Maker Alpha release and tutorials, VoxEdit Beta update, and LAND MoonSale

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7 min readJul 1, 2020


Welcome to the latest news and features update for The Sandbox project! (June 2020)

As we grow closer to launch at the end of the year, we are working on updating both the Game Maker and VoxEdit and we can’t wait for everyone to finally be able to finally experience the full potential of The Sandbox!

We continue to develop and implement important tools and key features in VoxEdit and our Game Maker to allow artists, creators, and players to create unique voxel assets and game experiences.

This month’s key developments will enable a full blockchain workflow when we launch around this summer.

Read on to learn more of what The Sandbox team has been working on!

Game Maker Alpha Version

First game experience within the Game Maker Alpha, a 3D Running

It’s been a bit over a month since we started releasing the Game Maker Alpha to users. Whitelisted users have been able to use their creativity and put our Game Maker to the test. We have seen the first game experiences made by our users that come from the Game Maker & Creator fund, LAND owners and we couldn’t be happier.

Islands in the Sky — made by Thibault Simar

Pre-existing features are being improved and fine-tuned including the 3Cs — Camera, Controls and Character — for a better overall experience when creating.

We are upgrading fight and objective systems which would determine the in-game victory conditions. Pickable items are being introduced. With this new feature, players can now pick items up, use them, and discard them when they’ve completed their use. To complete this feature we are also including collectible behaviour along with the first iteration of weapon attachments.

The game menu now also features a victory/defeat intro and rewards making winning all the more satisfactory.

These features will come in handy for a wide variety of games. Now more than ever the possibilities are galore!

The Moon Temple 2 — made by Joon

Our community of testers has been creating gaming experiences and providing us with constructive feedback allowing us to improve our product for its upcoming release.

Using this feedback we are working on developing more features and improving the existing ones. To ensure that every game experience can be as unique as it possible we are providing tools and features that will make the process of creating your experience all the more vibrant.

For starters, we are including an empty LAND to start your game experience from scratch and let your imagination run free. We are also starting to improve terraforming tools so as to give better accuracy to your experience. Other new features that will come up include multi-edit, to allow group selection when you work on a big portion of your LAND, component rarity, live sync and new biomes. Each experience with the Game Maker will be unique thanks to a custom-sized work zone and the ability to import models from VoxEdit and link to the user’s wallet.

As the distribution of this version of the Game Maker has begun, the next version is concurrently being developed and is expected in July. This update will offer a toolbox that will allow users to build a mini game from start to finish. Stay tuned for what is to come!

Sky Dungeon and Jump Sky — made by Joon

Game Experiences

Seeing the inspired creations of our users take life has been truly thrilling for our teams. After months of development and hard work, we are greatly excited to see the experiences you create. We will continue to strive in order to provide our community with the best experience in The Sandbox.

Visit our Youtube channel to catch our latest sneak peeks created by our talented artists!

If you want to create games, share your gaming experiences and be part of the first game developers of The Sandbox, you can apply to join our Game Maker Fund and receive a grant of up to $30,000 USD.

Apply to The Sandbox Game Maker Fund program today


If you are currently testing the Game Maker Alpha or if you want to learn more about how to use its tools and features ahead of time, this is for you!

The Sandbox Game Maker Alpha Tutorial

We have released a full series of video tutorials that introduce you to the Game Maker and explains how to start crafting your own 3D game experience. These videos will show you how to work with ASSETs in The Sandbox Game Maker Alpha, how to use the powerful terrain rendering tool, how to place dialogs, danger zones, set up victory and defeat and decide how all these elements will interact altogether to create your unique game!

The Sandbox Game Maker Alpha Tutorial

Catch the full playlist on our YouTube channel.


Introducing The Sandbox MoonSale

The MoonSale has been a success so far with the first three rounds selling out in two to three minutes tops. This is a new record for us and we are humbled to witness the constant interest in The Sandbox from the community.

If you haven’t had a chance to participate in this special event it is not too late! Our next event — the Waxing Gibbous-🌔 — will launch at 6 PM GMT on July 2nd.

For a reminder, The MoonSale is a lunar-themed LAND sale that will last for three more weeks following the lunar calendar. Launched on Thursday, June 4th at 1PM GMT (the day before the full moon). It will be the occasion for new users to participate in this event and purchase their LANDS with a 20% discount, in accordance with the prices of the third LAND presale.

You can read more about the MoonSale in this announcement article.

Treasure Hunt

Along the MoonSale, our treasure hunt is still ongoing. Three sets of clues have already been disseminated around the map and the first to crack the code will win a 12x12 ESTATE!

Figure out the clues to win a 12x12 ESTATE

Don’t forget to use your referral link during the MoonSale and get discounted prices on your next LAND purchase! Introduce more people to The Sandbox and get rewarded in the process.


A new version of VoxEdit is coming this July and we have plenty of new features to introduce!

With this new update of VoxEdit users will be able to try new features to ease the process of ASSET creation. The core features remain the same with the addition of dialog windows to better manage files, a Dynamic News section. We are also incorporating new facial expression templates for your avatars.

While you wait for the release of these updates you can reread our article to learning all the basics of the series and watch our series of videos dedicated to learning the basics of our VoxEdit Beta.

Download VoxEdit for free

VoxEdit contests

To put your newly learned skills to the test we advise you to submit your creations to our weekly VoxEdit contests. Here are some of the creations from our two previous contests. Can you guess the themes?

RoboCat — made by RamHornStudios
We are friends — made by monan_cho
Zombie Classis — made by Gundam-Z
Vodka Shrek Knight — made by Sisapi

Each week a new theme is announced and everyone can submit their creation for a chance to win one parcel of LAND. If you are interested in participating visit our forum to learn more.

Weekly Saturday Stream

We have a new bi-weekly appointment with our community.

Wednesdays at 1PM ET and Saturdays at 11PM ET, are LiveStream time with our Lead Artist Alex Florez aka KamiSawZe. Now You can catch these live or watch the replays on our YouTube and Twitch channels. Make sure you tune in!

He regularly shares the latest update and announcements of The Sandbox and does deep dives into the Game Maker, showing how to create dioramas and exciting in-game experiences. You can find all previous streams on our YouTube page.

Special community events

We reached a million USD in sales for our LAND token!

Thank you once again for contributing to make us reach this epic milestone

Stay tuned for even more updates from The Sandbox.

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