Let’s go all green on this one…

It´s Seegno’s 9th birthday!

This year, due to the recent fires in Portugal, we decided to join a cause with Quercus and do our little bit with reforesting the country.

We are hiring.

Yes, we are looking for a talented individual to join our engineering team in building and scaling highly distributed systems across…

Playing with songs

A couple months ago, our good friends at Eggbox teased us about doing a videoclip for their new single, to which we replied: “Challenge accepted good sirs!”.

After a few sleepless nights, kind location hosts and good old teamwork, the video was ready to rock. Directed…

Showcasing our work

We’re proud to announce the release of our brand new website. After so many hours focused on helping other companies and individuals building their products and ideas, we have decided to step some time aside to reshape how we define ourselves.

A new adventure for us

About 6 months ago, Seegno started collaborating on a novel project, something highly challenging and innovative that allowed us to put to good use years of experience in sofware development and systems architecture.