Serenity 2018 year results

Serenity Financial is young project with high potential (yes, we are not afraid to praise ourselves today). During this year we accomplished everything we planned and even more! Let us remind you, the idea of the project was born in 2017. In 2018 we have already brought it into life. We implemented the whole platform functionality that was intended on ICO stage.

We give many thanks to our great community. You and your support gave us strength to move forward steadily! Let’s look back and see how it all started and which results do we have now in the end of the year.

Beginning of the year. ICO results

ICO was developing at a record pace — in 2 days after ICO have started on January 25, the number of funds gathered surpassed 1 mln of dollars in cryptocurrency (January 2018). When we started ICO more than 20 companies from the industry have already given us their support, among them such famous companies as Grand Capital, B2 Broker, Atirox, Lite Forex, NPBFX, TeleTrade, Esplanade, Dominion FX, uMarkets, AMTS Solutions provider and others. Such well-known in fintech industry people as Dmitry Orlov, Dmitry Raneev, Petr Tatarnikov and other famous people became project advisors. There were around 30 articles written about us in the Mass Media. Press covered our project, our industry colleagues also talked about us a lot.

ICO lasted from January 24 to March 6 2018. The final sum is $4,034,745 USD.

SRNT value raised 4–5 time in a year in relation to Ethereum, our tokens can be bought on YoBit and IDEX. For now 80% of tokens are owned by token-holders, 12 % by sponsors and 3% by Bounty.

Denis Kulagin, Serenity CEO:
“2018 results are truly astonishing: we successfully completed ICO, launched escrow and beta version of Exchange, we gathered a whole pool of brokerage companies who supported the projects, etc. Of course, it’s hard to imagine the implementation of the project without enthusiasm of our team and community support. We have great plans, we are looking forward with confidence and optimism. We also believe that next year will be as great as 2018 year was for Serenity”.

Escrow release

In July we presented Serenity Escrow beta, while in September we released the main version, complete and ready to use.

On beta stage of the project we:

  • Published smart contract;
  • Opened deposits in Ethereum;
  • Connected Grand Capital broker, who was first to support Serenity, to the system. Grand Capital also tested Serenity with a help of its own dealing center. Clients of the company can start escrow trading right away;
  • Created Profile for all user actions from opening the account to making a deposit.

In August we put the finishing touches to the platform functionality. We tested several UX strategies and succeeded to create simple and handy User Profile, for every broker we implemented its own procedure to verify withdrawals. We also added accounts, nominated in TUSD and USDT.

According to the roadmap of our project, final release of Serenity Escrow was supposed to happen in September and we made it on time. We presented the final version of the platform with such functions as ability to make a deposit in micro Ethereum and cryptocurrencies tied to dollar, withdrawal of funds, opening of new trading accounts.

About Escrow and Tradefora collaboration

In collaboration with brokerage solutions provider Tradefora we integrated transaction analysis system to Serenity Escrow. The system compares execution prices of more than 100 brokers which helps trader to get all the correct information about the overall highest prices on the market and average market values.

Right now Serenity Escrow is completely ready to use.


On May 18 Vasily Alexeev, Serenity CTO, said that there are plans to develop a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our team spent almost the whole July on integrating external liquidity in the Exchange platform. Let us remind you, that Serenity Exchange got unique function — ability to aggregate liquidity from other exchanges (in July it was Kraken, Binance, and Okex). Right from the start all users tickets will be processed and Exchange will always have the full glass of prices. In November Serenity Financial team presented the project on Blockchain Life 2018 conference, where, after talking with ICO representatives, we got our first requests for tokens listing. Right now the work is in its final stage and soon the final release of Serenity Exchange will be made.


We are not simply saying that we aim towards transparency on over the counter markets, we support it by actions. Serenity Exchange became a part of Blockchain Assosiation in FinaCom (organization that develops rules to regulate cryptocurrency operations and is a mediator of deals on Forex market). In November Serenity was licensed in Europe for cryptocurrency fiat operations, stocking and transferring money to e-wallets.

Making new contacts and sharing our experience

2018 also became a year of networking. We participated in 9 blockchain, finance and cryptocurrency events. We took part in such huge exhibitions as IFX International in Limassol, BlockShow Asia, iFX Asia, CryptoDate Conference, Asia Trading Summit in Shanghai, ICO Event in Moscow, ICO Challenge in Russia, IFX International in Limassol, Blockchain Life 2018.

Team achievements

Of course, behind the great project always stands the dedicated team. Our team not just simply worked with Exchange and platform, but also evolved. Vasily Alexeev, Serenity CTO, was praised by community for his experience in fintech and blockchain projects and was included into the Expert Blockchain FinCom committee. Together with other specialists Vasily is going to create rules to regulate cryptocurrency operations.

Vasily Alexeev, Serenity CTO:
“Serenity was founded in the end of 2017, so 2018 became the most important year for us so far — we started the year with launching the main part of our ICO in January, and successfully concluded it in March. This year saw active development and initial launches of our main products — Serenity Escrow and Serenity Exchange.
All of this would not be possible without active support from all of you, our community and our partners. I want to wish you and the Serenity project a productive 2019 year”!


2018 year will stay in our memory for a long time. This year helped us to realise all ambitious plans of our team. In 2019 we plan to increase the number of brokerages connected to escrow, will continue to work with cryptocurrency fiat operations, to make the Exchange entry as simple as possible for every user. We also plan to develop services for marginal trading, conduct OTC deals through the Exchange, place lots of coin and blockchains. Serenity to the moon!