Foot Fetish: Ultimate Guide for “Footies” and Those Who Love Them

Everything you wanted to know about foot fetishes

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “You can’t help who you fall in love with,” but what happens when that “who” is a “what” and that love develops into an obsession?

Specifically, an obsession with feet? Yes, feet.

While foot fetishes aren’t anything new, there are plenty of people who are curious about those with foot obsessions. If you are curious, too, then this post is for you.

So, kick off your shoes, put your feet up, and let’s talk about foot fetishes.

What Is a Foot Fetish?

Foot obsession is the excessive preoccupation and interest in the appearance and physical sensations of another person’s feet, often leading to sexual arousal.

The bottom line: He or she thinks feet are sexy.

You can call them “footies” or “foot worshipers” but they enjoy seeing feet, touching feet, and often licking or sucking feet and toes.

Some common examples of foot obsessions include:

  • Collecting pictures and videos of feet
  • Buying specialty footwear for someone to wear
  • Touching someone else’s feet
  • Being touched by someone else’s feet

Why Do People Have Foot Fetishes?

There isn’t much clear-cut research when it comes to why some individuals become so enamored with feet.

But there are studies that indicate our sexual kinks might be inherited.

One such study published in the Psychological Bulletin strongly suggests this possibility.

Yep, it’s our parent’s fault. 😉

However, some experts believe that foot fetishism might also stem from a variety of psychological or social factors:

  • Trauma
  • Peer pressure
  • Cultural influences

Or even feelings of inadequacy stemming from childhood experiences.

Others point to evolutionary biology which suggests that humans have subconsciously developed an attraction towards feet because they represent a form of self-expression and power over our environment.

Particularly, if they find themselves wanting (or even needing) to control someone else’s body/physical space through this type of fetishization.

That old bird, Sigmund Freud, even suggested some people become sexually obsessed with feet because he thought feet resembled penises. Kinda makes you wonder what kind of feet Frued was accustomed to leering at through the sexualized smoke of his very phallic-looking cigar.

A cigar is just a cigar, aye, Sigmonster?

Sidenote: Was Freud the first self-proclaimed Sigma male? “Sigma-nd Frued,” indeed.

Whatever the reason, it’s important not to judge, stigmatize, or assume anything about the origins of a particular person’s fetish.

They might just really enjoy the look and shape of feet.

Most people have one or more fetishes. A foot fetish is just one of many body-related kinks.

Types of Foot Fetishes

When you look into it, you find that there are many different types of foot fetishes.

Some of the most common include:

  • Clean feet fetish
  • Dirty feet fetish
  • Tactile foot fetish (They want to touch feet and be touched by feet. Think foot massage, toe sucking, and foot jobs)
  • Big feet fetish (not to be confused with a Big Foot Fetish. Those are different. Trust me. Find out which one it is before you show up at your girlfriend’s apartment in a Big Foot costume)
  • Little feet fetish
  • Tattooed feet fetish

You can, of course, break a foot fetish down into an almost infinite number of sub-preferences for arches, shapes, the appearance of toes, etc.

Is It Wrong To Have a Foot Fetish?

No, not at all.

Think of how many times you or your friends have joked about making money on

An OnlyFans model who goes by the name of Mistress D explains that it's surprisingly normal and mainstream. “I get requests all the time from fans who want videos of me just hanging out, sitting in normal clothes with my feet in the camera.”

How To Tell Someone You Have a Foot Fetish

If you’re feeling comfortable enough with someone to tell them about your obsession with feet, then go ahead and do so.

However, make sure you trust this person implicitly.

You could say something like, “I have a thing for feet" or “I have a foot fetish.”

Always respect the wishes/boundaries set out by anyone with whom you’ve opened up regarding your foot fetish. Don’t push past your comfort zones on either side just because you’re interested in exploring things further.

How To Respond To Someone Who Says They Have a Foot Fetish

The most important thing when responding to somebody who has confided in you about their foot fetish is listening attentively without judgment.

Allow them time to explain exactly what it is they want/need out of their relationship before expressing any opinion on their situation whatsoever.

At the same time, understand there may be emotion attached due to personal experiences associated with their fetishistic behavior (both positive and negative).

Offer support, care, and acceptance.

Foot fetish model (there’s a job title for House Hunters) Sweet Arches says:

Growing up, many of us are told, ‘Feet are dirty, they’re gross, don’t put your feet in my face,’ so that’s the automatic feeling many people get just because we’ve been taught that. The best thing is just to drop all judgment and be completely open-minded,” she said, when someone’s telling you what they like about feet, even if it strikes you as unusual (or, yes, even a little grody).

This doesn’t mean you need to go along with their foot fetish if you don’t want to.

But, if you are willing and open to fulfilling their foot fetish, then you can start asking questions about what they like specifically and how you can help them get pleasure.

Great questions to ask:

  • What kind of feet turns you on the most?
  • How can I make my feet sexier to you?
  • Do you like to incorporate feet into flirting?
  • Do you like to incorporate feet into foreplay?
  • Do you want to incorporate foot into sex acts?
  • Do you like anything done to your feet?

How To Love Someone With a Foot Fetish

Everyone with a foot fetish is unique.

However, consider these ways to love someone with a foot fetish:

  • Make your feet look attractive to them (clean feet, pretty feet, dirty feet, etc)
  • Give them a foot job (It’s just what it sounds like — a “hand job” but with your feet)
  • Let them touch and massage your feet
  • Let them kiss, lick, or suck on your feet and toes
  • Use your foot and/or toes to gently and consensually penetrate them (vaginally and/or anally)
  • Rub your feet on them during foreplay and sex
  • Dress up your feet with jewelry, socks, and shoes
  • Take pictures of your feet (curled toes, crossed feet, feet kicked up on a car dash, feet in the bath, etc)

Final Thoughts

You can learn more about foot fetishes with a simple Google Search.

Or you can join online forums like the aptly named footfetishforum, wusfeetlinks, or crazyaboutfeet.

If you have a fetish for good articles, I completely consent to you joining my Medium email list. If you squint really hard, my emails even look like penises. Odd, rectangular penises maybe, but Freud said what Freud said.

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