Show Your Work!

Sharing the creative process and bonus material from my new book.

10 things I learned while writing my last book

Lessons learned by a third-time author, first-time parent.

My third book Show Your Work! came out a year ago. I kept a

33 thoughts on reading

(A manifesto of sorts.)

  1. I will make time for reading, the way I make time for meals, or brushing my teeth.

Making a Mark

Why we need a new metaphor

Why “make your mark” is the wrong metaphor

And why we need a new one

Newspaper + marker = poetry

The story behind my newspaper blackout poems

Every morning I try to pick up a newspaper and a Sharpie marker, and I make one of my…

10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered

Lessons from my book ‘Show Your Work!’

No more guilty pleasures!

If you like something, like it.

“I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If you fucking like something, like it. That’s what’s…

The Risks Worth Taking

Be cautious. Be smart. Save danger for your work. 

One of my least favorite quotes on creativity comes courtesy of ad man George Lois:

Credit is always due.

When you share the work of others, it’s your duty to make sure the creators of the work get proper credit.

Something small, every day.

How to make more work this year

It takes time to do anything worthwhile, but thankfully, we don’t need it all in one chunk. So this year…

How much of the year is left

There are 30 days left in December. Let’s do something with them.

I realized last night as I finished yesterday’s logbook entry…

Shut up and write the book! 

Five things that have helped me get more writing done. 

I’m working on the followup to Steal Like An Artist, my book about how to…

Show Your Work!
Show Your Work!

Sharing the creative process and bonus material from my new book.

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