Smartpool’s Payment Scheme

Joint post with Yaron Velner

Smartpool, the decentralized mining pool is live on Ethereum testnet for over 20 days. The testnet deployment is fully functional in terms of efficient proof-of-work verification. However, currently the pool pays to miners for…

SmartPool Alpha Release on Ropsten

TL;DR: we release SmartPool on the revived Ropsten testnet, works for both Parity and Geth. Our pool pays 10x more for every share, please join before the subsidy is over.

SmartPool’s Donation Contract Explained


In this document, we explain SmartPoolToken contract, its design, architecture, and functionalities. The SmartPoolToken contract is deployed at address 0x98F62d8aD5a884C8bbcf262591DFF55DAb263B80 and its source…