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Social Media: The Death of Real World Interaction?

The digital age has been transformed into one surrounding social media and networking. With over a billion monthly active users on…

Your Social Media Stinks Also 

To win at #socialmedia, be consistent and authentic. 

72hrs in the Life of Content on Twitter (& other Social Media)

An analysis of my article on Social Media Today

Facebook to let Restaurants Post Menus to their Pages

The days of having to snap a picture of the menu or typing out the entire menu is a thing of the past. Facebook is now allowing…

Death of Medium?

How to send off your users in one gigantic step. Oh Brother where are you thou?

You may have read the news about the change in the way…

Summer Reading List

Happy Reading!

Summertime is here. As the pace of work slows a bit and you escape to the beach or the mountains, it’s a great time to catch up on…

What Does Heaven Look Like?

By Geordie Gardiner

Image by Kirt Tisdale

People often ask me, what does heaven look like?

A Brand Walks Into A Party

Does it have the requisite social skills for popularity?

I like to approach social media the way I approach socializing. It probably helps that I am an extrovert. But I wasn’t born that way. I went through nerdy childhood and awkward adolescence, feeling left out of the popular cliques. Over time, I figured my way into where I wanted…

How Do I Write?

Who can write?

Everyone can write on Medium. Click your face in the upper right-hand corner of the Medium homepage and then select “New story” to start writing.

Why can I still not write?

You’re probably using an unsupported browser.

Writing is only available in Chrome, Firefox, our iOS app, and…

C’mon, People, Be Social.

A Personal Twitter Experiment

Like many, over the years I've fallen for the interconnectivity of Twitter. The glorious randomness of…

What Would Don Draper Think of Facebook Ads?

Don Draper would have a field day with Facebook Ads.

Very few businesses realize the massive power and potential of…

Indian Digital Marketing Landscape — An Overview

With recent statistics and survey data

The Internet forever changed the way we share information. It acted as…

Twitter and Google Plus: Apples and Oranges

Why comparing the two is a bad analogy?

Only yesterday I came across this study that reported user engagement on…

Selfies & Photbombs

The art of engagement

A funny thing happened to me on Facebook this morning.

Breaking up with Facebook

As marketers battle for attention in News Feed, one does the unthinkable and severs ties from the social network. Who’s next?

Facebook: Serving up ads with a side order of ads

How Facebook has lost it’s soul

So back when everyone started using Facebook daily and enjoying it, we all got…

How an application changed my behavior.

(in a good way)

As a graphic designer / developer I’m always online. Checking my twitterfeed, interacting with people, reading…

Social Media — is it making our connections worse or…?

How the social media is bringing us closer to people yet making us far from them?

Social Media 
Social Media 

Social media Trends

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