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Last Seat

I finished a good book this week. I loved everything about it — the plot, the characters, the flow of the prose. I was a bit sad when it ended and I had to say goodbye to all the characters and places within but I took solace in the fact that if I wanted, I could pick it up and read it again any time I wanted to. The book sits on my nightstand and I know sometimes I will open it up and…

death and gatherings

[I wrote this three years ago after my aunt died. I’m going to another wake today, for another aunt and was going to write something about it but realized I already did, for the most part]

Someone dies. Someone close, someone loved. Someone who was ready to go.

How do you react? Tears? Sorrow? Immediate mourning? Relief?

Not Now: writing on not being able to write

It’s 4am and I wake to gather the words.

The words are alive with the sound of unreasonableness. They are active little creatures and while I want them to be alive and active, I also need them to be cooperative. They are, however, tiny little children, hellions determined to do everything in their power to make my morning…

longer than

I stare out the window, watch the sunset behind the building across the street. I look at the clock. It’s 4:25. I still have an hour and a half of work left and evening is already…

comfort meds

It was just a short email from Walgreens that set me off. Just a few words. “Unable to submit payment to your insurance carrier.” If I wanted to pay the out of pocket expense for my Abilify, it would be $1027.99. A month.

I immediately called the Walgreens pharmacy. They didn’t have any explanation and told me to call my insurance carrier. While I was on hold…

writing out loud
writing out loud

thoughts as essay

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