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With thousands of sessions on offer, choosing what to focus on at the SXSW Conference can be overwhelming, to say the least.

In this article series, we provide key takeaways and lessons from some of our favorite SXSW startup-focused sessions.


The main messages for startups at SXSW, and the SXSW EDU conference that preceded it, are both realistic yet optimistic.

Tough Times

Founders should prepare for a challenging fundraising environment. Investors will look for execution over hype, and startups will have a shorter timeframe to prove that their solutions have value. Entrepreneurs should remain persistent and creative.

Authenticity Reigns

Customers and employees seek authentic connections to your products and services. Effective and personalized storytelling enables startups to create and strengthen these connections. Entrepreneurs should focus on solving problems they understand and are passionate about, while also hiring employees who share this passion and commitment.

Opportunity Exists

Technological advances, such as AI, offer hope to today’s resource-strapped startups, as does the supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem. Experienced founders and investors continue to mentor startups and share advice and insights to support their ongoing work. Entrepreneurs should take advantage of these valuable support systems.

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Highlighted Sessions

*** Video recordings of select sessions are available on the SXSW YouTube channel. Additionally, conference organizers have made the content of many more sessions (600+ and counting) available via audio recordings.

Our StartingUpGood team believes that events and conferences are great places to learn, share ideas, and innovate. While nothing replaces the benefits of attending in person (networking, collaboration, inspiration, building camaraderie, etc.), we recognize that emerging technologies continue to make conference content more accessible than ever before.

We are committed to using our innovative tech tools to share key insights and learnings from top conferences. These tools not only enable us to capture online content but also to summarize and synthesize this information into digestible chunks quickly and efficiently. They foster equity by enabling those who can’t attend a conference in person, for whatever reason, the ability to access timely data and trend information.

We don’t minimize the importance of human expertise and curation, but we don’t shy away from exploring and experimenting with new technologies that help us achieve our goal of supporting fresh entrepreneurial approaches to social impact. As such, this article uses to create transcripts and various LLMs to generate content summaries. All work is hand-checked for quality.

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