Advanced Tips for Firebase Cloud Functions: Bolt, Testing & CI

In the previous post I talked about our extensive experience with Firebase Cloud Functions. Today I would like to build on that, adding a few more advanced topics.

Simplify Firebase Database…

Our extensive experience with Cloud Functions for Firebase

Just a few days ago, Google announced the beta launch of Cloud Functions for Firebase. In a nutshell, they are small pieces of JavaScript functions which are deployed to Firebase servers and executed in response to various events…

Firebase Storage C# library

After to access your database and to have your requests authenticated, the time has come for another piece of the Firebase puzzle — Storage.

Firebase Storage

Firebase Authentication C# Library

You may have noticed in my previous post about Firebase that I completely omitted any form of authentication. For any non-trivial application, at least a basic authentication is a must. Firebase offers several ways how to authenticate your requests, some of which are…