Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

You’ve reached the Mad Men Collection. Shut the door, have a seat.

Don Draper

The art of appropriate responses to inappropriate situations. 

I wrote this about a year ago when season 5 ended. It was the thing to do

A Mad Man’s Finest Hour

A Master Class in the Art of Persuasion

It was a meeting like thousands of others in its time: men in suits sitting around a conference…

Funny Scotch Tasting Notes

Really? It tastes like “boat shed?”

The DW recently graced me with a copy of Whiskeria, a magazine from Scotland’s scotch-focused Whisky

5 Work Lessons We Can Learn from Peggy Olson

A look at how this Mad Men character went from secretary to copy chief

5 Presentation Skills Learned from Mad Men

Don Draper is the man that every man wants to be, and every woman wants to be with. Well, you can resolve at least one of those – in the boardroom, that is – by emulating some of the skills that Draper has demonstrated while pitching for big clients. Even if you don’t work in advertising, everyone has something to gain from thinking about how…

Why Mad Men Matters

Advertising student (me) hashes out on the importance of the AMC hit show (as seen in April issue of W27)

‘Mad Men’ Has Another PC Problem

The limits of the show’s analog world

Mad Men’s Season Six finale closed out the cult drama’s weakest season yet. It sometimes…

Where Don Draper ends, D.B. Cooper begins

Clues to the ending of ‘Mad Men’ have been embedded within the show since its very beginning

The Histrionics of “Mad Men”

As the television show has devolved into absurdity, so have its fans. 

Don Draper applies for a job in 2013

People who don’t work in advertising watch “Mad Men” and think that’s what it’s like. But could Don even get a job today?

I am Pete Campbell

I also hate Pete Campbell. He’s the character on Mad Men that everyone loves to hate. He’s an ass. My favorite part of Season 5 was when he got punched out by the train…

Creme, Chocolate, and Peace on Earth

The Power of Nostalgia in Advertising

Winston tastes good like a cigarette should!

Things go better with Coke.

Wherever there’s FUN, there’s Pepsi.

The Wizard of “Aahs”…new 1966 Fairlane convertible!

Crash … Into Me & My Stream of Consciousness

Mad Men, as per usual

What’s with the spinout, six-foot version of Alan Ladd? Eek! Crushed-out cigarettes. Crashes to ashes.

It’s just like last time. It means they didn’t like it, and then they got drunk; they took me on a joyride in the Impala.

A Man With a Plan

Season Six, Episode Seven

In the opening scene of last night’s episode of Mad Men, Don Draper is in the elevator at his apartment building when he…

Free Associating With a Plan: A Stream of Consciousness

The weekly “Mad Men” routine

When you get to Minnesota, tell them what a big deal you are. Don’t forget to take some money. And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

(Let’s get the hell outta here, Don. Things is getting dicey.)

SnapChats and Mad Men

What can SnapChat learn from Don Draper?

Text messaging, in its current form, puts textual communication at the forefront with other forms of…

For Immediate Release: A Stream of Consciousness

Chinese, anyone?

(Question: When did the first restaurant start delivering food, and was it a Chinese spot? Of course, Joan’s the one placing the order.)

It’s a common mistake to not ask questions when you want something because you’re afraid of the answers.

The Flood, Drowned in a Stream of Consciousness 

1290 square feet. Let’s call it thirteen with the balcony. It’s a little farther east than Peggy wanted. (About as far east as you could go.) She can smell the ocean and the Hungarian bakeries. Ding-dong, it’s the boyfriend you live in sin with, your trusted advisor and interested party. No one’s going to catch that doorman napping. (It’s…

To Have and to Hold: A Stream of Consciousness, the Project K Way

Someone is looking to change his life. Timmy time. Backstabbery in beans and ketchup. Polite or no, Raymond never has to know. We’ll get a hotel. Yeah, you do that. Get a room, Timmy and Pete. And Don.

Not really understanding the evolution of Pete’s hair.

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

You’ve reached the Mad Men Collection. Shut the door, have a seat.

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