Why your program may just not be up to creating products with outstanding user experience. 🤔

Why are great experiences so crucial?

These days user experience is everything.

Providing a world-class (user) experience has become the key ingredient and differentiator for leading brands, products and services alike. After twenty-five years of digitalisation, the global domination of the smartphone, ubiquitous high-speed internet access and Silicon Valley’s iconic digital brands with their benchmark user…

Why Experience Design is once and foremost storytelling

“And what about you?”

Pretty much in every first encounter with a stranger, you are confronted with the question: “And what do you do?” This question might sound unimaginative or banal to you, but it is an essential question that reveals contextually important information for all further communication. This question serves the questioner to…

Warum es sich lohnt, digitale Projekte weiterzuentwickeln statt aufzugeben

Digitale Produkte machen die Welt einfacher und schneller. Digitale Produkte nutzen niemandem und verstopfen tausende Server mit wertlosem Datenmüll. Stimmt beides. Beides ist einfach nur eine Frage der Zeit.

Von den physischen Produkten unseres Alltags kennen wir die Idee des Lebenszyklus: Sie werden auf den Markt gebracht, verbessert, erweitert und…

Understanding the complete buying journey of (potential) Audi customers

SinnerSchrader has been Audi’s digital lead agency since 2016. Malte Grapentin, Neeraj Verma, and myself, Hanna Rosinski, Strategists and User Researchers at SinnerSchrader, conducted a longitudinal research approach in collaboration with Audi to fully understand the user experience of people searching for a car on Audi’s digital platforms.

Through “simultaneous…

Learnings from over one year of remote-only events & workshops

Since Covid-19, the environment and setting of collaborative events and client workshops have changed dramatically. While we are now on the way out of the crisis, remote workshops and events will probably last. As SinnerSchrader (Part of Accenture Interactive), a digital agency in the field of experience design, we’ve been…

How to incorporate research in agency-based agile product development

Why is rapid user research the essence to truly successful product development? In times of exponential growth of digital connectivity and information overload, we are experiencing a constant flow of innovation, disruption, — and sometimes chaos — that is moving us…

Still Day One

Digital Transformation keeps transforming.

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