Superalgos Completes the First Algorithmic Distribution of Incentives Via the Governance System

Pending distributions corresponding to the Beta 10 and Beta 11 releases are now complete.

Julian Molina
Superalgos | Algorithmic Trading
2 min readOct 3, 2021


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The first distribution via Governance System marks a crucial milestone in the life of Superalgos, enabling the decentralization of the governance of the token and the project.

Beta 10, released in June this year, extended data mining to any API and stretched the trading framework to allow free-form coding. The API Maps and Data Fetcher Bots allowed users to map any API and mine data without coding, while User Defined Code nodes enabled developers to bypass hard framework definitions.

Beta 11, released in September this year, shipped the Governance Project, enabling decentralized governance.

Distribution Numbers

For simplicity, the project decided to distribute both releases at the same time. That is, all contributions corresponding to Beta 10 and Beta 11 were defined for a single Distribution Event.

  • ~11 million tokens were distributed…
  • … among 44 User Profiles.
  • 25.5 million tokens were reserved for the liquidity pool.

Check the distribution transactions on BscScan.

Listing of the Superalgos (SA) Token

Current plans involve creating a SA/BTCB liquidity pool in PancakeSwap. For that reason, in this first algorithmic distribution, the community reserved 25.5 million tokens for the liquidity of the pool.

BTCB is a collateralized version of BTC managed by Binance on the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP20 token.

Airdrops on Each Release

Just in case you didn’t know, Superalgos is running an airdrop for each release. If you’re not familiar with Superalgos, this is how you may Get Tokens From the Most Promising Decentralized Social Trading Network Before They Launch!

Coming Next

The project is already working on the 2022 Roadmap leading to the release of the Superalgos Network and Social Trading Apps, planned for November 2022.



Julian Molina
Superalgos | Algorithmic Trading

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