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Privately funded mission to land on the Moon in 2019
Note from the editor

At the TeamIndus Blog, we publish insights on what goes into building a mission to the Moon: From how we built the spacecraft to soft-land on the Moon to the design of the orbits and everything in between. Being a firm supporter of humanity's future in space, we also publish tech pieces on global space missions and the technologies behind them. Come here to delve into the nerdy details of all things space!

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Official announcements
Going to the Moon in 2019. Visit our website at teamindus.in
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Tech insights
Jatan Mehta
Planetary Science at @TeamIndus Moon mission | Space advocate, Tech critic and Astrophysics nerd | about.me/uncertainquark.
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Be the change #HarIndianKaMoonshot
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GNC Engineer
Vishesh Vatsal