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Station is receiving a major update today, with the release of Station v3 Dashboard, a new Station website, and revamped Station docs! 🛰️

With today’s launch, Station Dashboard has moved to a new URL: Click the link and connect your Station extension to use the new v3 Dashboard.

Following the release of Station v3 Extension, the team has been hard at work bringing the same best-in-class user experience to Dashboard. Extension users will be familiar with new features such as cross-chain swaps and activity history, plus a beautiful portfolio view 📊

Read on to learn about the new features in Station v3 Dashboard and the roadmap for future updates, including the iOS and Android mobile apps.

Station Dashboard — Key Features

Station v3 is designed to make interacting with web3 as easy as possible, and Dashboard is an important step along that path.

Here are some key features in Station v3 Dashboard:

  • Integrated Portfolio: Dashboard takes the token-centric UI from Station v3 Extension and displays it in a sleek and expanded UI. Get a clear view of your portfolio with token balances, staking positions, and pending staking rewards. Powered by Pulsar Finance, additional data is coming to the Station Portfolio in future updates — more on that in the Roadmap section below.
  • Seamless Cross-chain Swaps. Send, swap, and receive assets across all Station-supported chains right from Station Dashboard, with progress tracking for peace of mind.
  • Aggregated Cross-chain Activity History: Understand your cross-chain transaction history at a glance on Dashboard or Extension. Station automatically generates an easy-to-read transaction history for every chain, with logical groupings for multi-step transactions. Full transaction details are available by clicking on individual entries.
  • Enhanced Staking UI: The Station staking interface has been upgraded to highlight assets available to stake more prominently, and we’ve introduced a distinct tab to view assets you’ve already staked. Keep an eye out for Alliance assets you can stake to earn boosted yield, as more are added all the time 🤝
  • Streamlined Governance: Voting and governance have been updated, making viewing and voting on proposals more seamless. Filter by multiple chains, search proposals, and vote with ease.
  • Developer Mode: For builders looking to interact with CosmWasm contracts, go to Settings and enable Developer Mode to unlock the Contracts interface, which allows developers to launch, query, and execute smart contracts using Station.

Station Website & Docs

Alongside the release of Station v3 Dashboard, the Station documentation has been moved to Visit the docs for step-by-step instructions on using Station or integrating it into applications.

Station is also launching a stand-alone website to sing its virtues to the world! Located at, the Station website will serve as the primary resource for those curious about Station. For your crypto-curious friends, this is an excellent place to send them. Just saying!

Station Desktop App

As announced in January during the launch of Station v3 Extension, support for the downloadable Station Desktop app has been discontinued. The Desktop app will be fully deprecated on Dec 31st, 2024, to focus development resources on Extension, Dashboard, and Mobile. Users must migrate to Station Extension before this date — download the Chrome extension and use the extension migration guide to migrate your wallet to Extension.

To allow time for Station Desktop users to migrate to Station v3 and avoid potentially losing access to their assets (for users who have lost/misplaced the seed phrases for wallets used on Desktop), the domain will run the un-updated v2 version of Dashboard. This will be available until Dec 31st, 2024. Please migrate before this date.

To all extension users, please use To summarize:

  • For the Station website, visit
  • For the Station v3 Dashboard, visit
  • The downloadable Station Desktop app will be fully deprecated at the end of 2024.
  • To allow time for Station Desktop users to migrate to Station v3 and avoid losing access to their assets, will remain available to Station Desktop users until Dec 31st, 2024, at which point it will be fully deprecated.
  • Desktop users should migrate their wallets to Station v3 by downloading the Station Chrome extension and following the migration guide.

Be sure to bookmark these links for easy access 🔖

Roadmap — Updates & Mobile

Though this marks the initial release of v3 Dashboard, there are more features the team is planning to add over the next several weeks, including:

  • Portfolio Enhancements: The Portfolio will see rapid additions, as more data from Pulsar Finance is integrated to enrich the user experience. Additions include validator information, DeFi positions, an NFT gallery, and more.
  • One-click Alliance Staking: The Alliance module is an amazing tool, and Station is proud to be the wallet for Alliance staking. One-click Alliance staking will streamline the Alliance staking experience, making it dead simple to earn additional rewards by staking Alliance assets.
  • UX Improvements, Based on Your Feedback: Quality of life enhancements will be rolled out regularly, based on feedback provided by you, the user. Visit and submit your suggestions, or click Feature Request in the bottom left corner of Station Dashboard.

That’s just Dashboard. What about the question that’s on everybody’s mind — wen Station v3 Mobile?

Station Mobile is being actively worked on and is the #1 priority for the Station team now that Dashboard is live. As @MichaelWMerz explained in the most recent Talking Terra with TFL, Station v3 Mobile had to be released last so it could combine all the features of Extension and Dashboard into a unified mobile app.

Station’s iOS and Android apps are being rebuilt from the ground up to provide the full cross-chain experience that mobile users deserve. Follow @StationWallet on Twitter/X for updates!

Looking Ahead

Two-thirds of Station v3 is officially released, with one-third left to go. Expect regular updates to continue for both Extension and Dashboard as development progresses for the big Mobile v3 release. Please continue to share your feature requests and report bugs at, to let us know what improvements you’d like to see in Station.

Try the new Station v3 Dashboard, visit the Station website, and check out the revamped Station docs. Be sure to join the Station Discord and Telegram for real-time support and discussions with Station community members, and let your friends know that Station v3 Dashboard is LIVE by reposting the announcement on Twitter/X! 🛰



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