Chasing Sunsets

Sunset” by Sunny on Flickr.

I have something of a tradition to help me appreciate the time I’ve spent living in one place or another. I notice the last sunset I can before leaving. I don’t necessarily find a nice romantic place to watch the sun go down, I just notice the long shadows and the disappearing light on that last day.

A way to say goodbye to where I was in space and time.

There’s a frantic wait before moving. So much to get done, so much getting done, and so much more that should have been done long ago.

In between the stress filled sneezes brought on by allergic reactions to all the dust between the stuff that was once so important — the same stuff that now doesn’t even fit in the big suitcase — there are moments where all you can do is wait.

The only reason I have time to write these words is because I’m at the local laundromat waiting for my clothes to finish drying.

These calm moments of anxiety are when I can plan out what still needs to be done.

I still have a few days until my last sunset, but I can already feel the coming change — what was once home will be gone.

What makes this period of flux all the more turbulent is the uncertainty of what comes next, but I can at least look forward to the holidays no matter where the tide takes me in the interim.

I’ll have another sunset somewhere.
Written by John Bauer of Comatose.

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