Fifty Bucks Says You Won’t!

Quad Aces” by fitzsean on Flickr.

Schoolyard bets were always great. A high stakes game with nothing to gain. It wasn’t until middle school that actual money started getting involved. Before that it was all about pride.

“Becha won’t eat a worm!”

The pride never went away, but the money became much more important, keeping the wheels greased even after those middle school years. Although I’ve mostly stopped eating strange things for small amounts of money, the idea stays the same. Money motivates.

The number of ways people justify doing something they hate, whether it’s a bad bet or a dead end job, can be summed up with a simple phrase.

Everybody's got their price.

The gaps in wage and luck can lead to a gambling addiction wondering just how much you should bet on a dream. Not to mention what would happen if you got that kiss from lady luck and spent it all in one night.

Lost in prose as much as thought it can be hard to find the right road.

Where do I find value in life?

Am I living one life while hoping to find my true calling in another?

How much money should I spend on my dreams?

Should I be paying people on Medium to teach me how to hedge my bets?

Most people like to think they’d be reasonable if they won their dream, but reality is less logical than our thoughts. The truth is finding where you belong combined with all the excitement of pursuing happiness drains people.

It’s so easy to give up. It’d be so much simpler to forget your dreams and just live life.

But there’s that chance it may work.

At least, that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Or maybe it’s that bet saying I won’t.

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