Here We Go Again

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It was a warm, sunny Sunday in Manhattan, which meant a perfect day for going to the park for a lazy picnic. The slow and steady pace of summer vacation would soon be at an end. The new semester would be starting soon and Bashir was not sure if he would be able to commit as much time as he has been to the podcast projects.

As the day ended, and he made his way back to his apartment he took a moment on the train to think of the upcoming weeks.

“I need to buy notebooks, textbooks, pens, and folders, and….”

The list went on and on, as anyone who has been in school at any level can tell you. As if attempting to organize the already increasingly busy life into segments that fit into school, work, family, podcast, life and other wasn’t hard enough, John and Nizar had both been out of touch for far too long.

Bashir checked his notifications to see if there was any news, but no one had sent any messages in days.

“I know we are all busy, but come on!”

The reality of graduate school gradually sank back in as Bashir found himself sitting in the first class of the semester, but with only part of his concentration on school, he started to wonder if it was possible to continue working on Comatose or if it would have to take a second seat to his academic endeavors. The more that he thought the more he became lost in thought, and before he knew it class was dismissed.

Listen to this week’s episode, Thoughts, Images, and Brevity:

Written by Bashir Harrell of Comatose.

Comatose is a weekly series of amusing anecdotes, insightful commentary, and pithy stories. Every week three contributors are featured in short segments. The segments, though often unrelated, are tied together using music and narration to set the scene. Relax and enjoy the ride while listening to topics as varied as love, birthdays, and reciprocity.

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