No Time

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What are we doing today?

Visiting home has been an excersise in balancing priorities. I have to plan everything in advance and everything has to be ready before things get too crazy.

Sometimes there is no time to work on the podcast, write articles, and figure out everything else in my life.

At the same time, I get to spend time with my family for the first time in years.

Unfortunately, all the work I do in front of my computer doesn’t always look like work. It’s an interesting generational gap between the 9–5 and 12 hour shifts and my sitting in front of the computer trying to write something and plan out a month’s worth of shows.

Somehow everything ends up coming together, even if it’s a day or two late. We’ve all been able to come together and keep the show moving forward.

I’ve been away from home or busy with family for most of the past month and had to plan entire episodes a few weeks before they actually came out. The result was, to my surprise, everyone kept working. Learning to let go a bit and let everyone at Comatose continue to do what they always do has been a learning experience for me.

Hopefully all the work we put into each episode comes across to the listener. It can feel like a lot of effort for no reward, but at least I can honestly say that we enjoy every moment and every struggle that goes into putting the show together.

Listen to this week’s episode, Words, Family, and Fears:

Written by John Bauer of Comatose.

Comatose is a weekly series of amusing anecdotes, insightful commentary, and pithy stories. Every week three contributors are featured in short segments. The segments, though often unrelated, are tied together using music and narration to set the scene. Relax and enjoy the ride while listening to topics as varied as love, birthdays, and reciprocity.

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