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Domain7 explores people-centric design, and the interplay of technology, empathy and connection. Learn more about us at domain7.com
Note from the editor

Domain7 explores meaningful questions and conversations about technology, empathy and connection.

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Kevan Gilbert
Coach, strategist, facilitator and writer | @domain7 | Dorky dad and doting husband.
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A design and technology team, creating purposeful solutions for a more empathetic and connected world. Partner with us and join the movement.
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Veronica Collins
Editor & Writer
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Dee Keilholz
Editor and writer at @Domain7 + Lighthouse Labs graduate + cat wrangler
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Stanley Lai
Designer & Strategist @ Domain7. Frequently exclaiming “Design is for Everyone!” Fascinated by the power of design to enable and inspire for the common good.
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Dave Bruno
Restless wanderer | @guynameddave
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