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This started out as a comment in response to Nitin Dangwal’s story “I don’t get Medium,” which addresses the whole listicle life-hacking domination of Medium that has frustrated so many of us. But I realized that this is a wonderful collection of writing that served as my main inspiration for so many of my stories that lampoon Medium, data driven content marketing, the pettiness of social media networking, cyber bullies, and, of course, the complete abdication of journalistic intergrity by the media. With that, I tip my hat to the King and Crown Prince of Medium parody, and present a tall, thin digital tablet engraved in virtual stone containing their story.

Nitin, where have you been the last three months? Don’t feel like you are alone with this complaint. Here are two brilliant writers who have written about the same thing but have turned that frustration into wonderful sources of laughter.

I give you the king and crown prince of Medium-roasted Medium, Henry Wismayer and Morgan Rock Loehr.

Here is their complete catalog of work:

Absolute must-read articles on Medium’s “algorithms” which spew self-help effluent to your door every day and how to write more popular posts:

An in-depth discussion of what Medium is thinking:

Spit-take parodies on life-hacking posts that will make you laugh so hard you will forget you’re mad about the crap in your email box:

The amazing conversation between Henry W and Jon W.

First, Jon’s response to being parodied.

Then Henry’s incredible response:

Jon’s sincere attempt to reform the system:

Henry’s sort-of peace offering

Finally here is the humble collective effort of lesser known writers who have parodied the parody, and turned squabbling writers into a fantasy conflict of epic proportions. We, the cynics, humorists, absurdists, anarchists, and other assorted deviants, proudly present:

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