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Note from the editor

We’re a growing global tribe of dreamers that do. We run game-changing events and online programs that get you thinking differently about life and business.

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Laurence McCahill
Co-founder The Happy Startup School. Building a global community of heart-shaped entrepreneurs and leaders, one event at a time.
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Fiona Duffy
Chief Happiness Officer @spookstudio & @happystartups I tweet a lot about my cat and wacky nail polish. High fives all round.
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Carlos Saba
Co–founder of The Happy Startup School. Lover of learning and using that learning to help others.
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The Happy Startup School
Helping a new breed of entrepreneur to realise their dreams – budding entrepreneurs and startup founders that put happiness and people before profits.
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Sophie Develyn
Writer and Contributor at the Happy Startup School.
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Haje Jan Kamps
Helping startups for a living and taking photos for fun.
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Kate Gaze
Still composing my bio ……
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Jack Hubbard
Founder & CEO of @Propellernet. Creative, Commercial & Independently Minded Marketeers.
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Jason Evangelho
An American in Croatia. Forbes Tech journalist, musician, writer and Linux advocate. Also a shameless Transformers fan.
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John Holcroft
Alternates between doing amazing things and being a shambles of a human being. Loves mountains. Sees a hill and wants to go up it.
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Tom Nixon
Researching and working with founders to realise big ideas and keep the startup passion forever.
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Casey Rosengren
Casey writes about life, startups, meditation, and self-care. He is a founder of Hacker Paradise and Recess Labs.
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Marcus Pibworth
I'm someone who thinks too much about things - exploring System Change, mental health and what it means to be alive in the 21st century.
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Christoph Köhler
Concept Developer @ZDF_digital — TV, UX, CX, Design, Film, Animation, Rumbalotte. What counts is the invention.
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Max St John
Showing people the way home by connecting to what’s there and working with what is. Get clear, fight well, move naturally. www.maxstjohn.com
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A unique, convenient & reliable service that mixes necessity and surprise! #Periods made easy, #SubscriptionBox http://www.myladybug.ie
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Sarah Jordan
Digital geek trying to do good. Transformation lead @MSSocietyUK, ex @OxfamGB, Co-Founder @wearenineUK & @NYRClub. BIMA Hot100. Gannet, fidget & travel addict.
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Creativity, mindfulness, flow — and how to be a genius without trying.
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Kevin Rozario-Johnson
Writer, Father, Leader, & Coach - Founder of nimbla. Writes & tweets on life, career & the future of work
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Sally-Anne Airey
Leadership coach,​ mindfulness teacher, retreat leader, speaker, writer, mountain lover. Founder of skilfulleaders.com & alpsretreats.com
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Matthew Bellringer
Workplace happiness, psychology and technology - meaningbit.com
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Agnes Otzelberger
For truth and soul in ‘doing good’ | www.thegoodjungle.org
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Pete Mosley
Writer, speaker, blogger, business editor/expert @craftdesignmag. I coach creative freelancers, deliver talks & workshops and build online learning spaces.
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Nicholas Himowicz
I'm passionate about learning new things and sharing what I learn through workshops, videos and blogs. www.nickhimo.com
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Rik Turner
On a mission to create more happiness through purposeful business. Former strategist & trainer @Propellernet. Founder: WeAreHAPS.com . Co-founder SlowCoWork.com
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Alex Dunsdon
Partner@ SAATCHiNVEST, a VC investing in cults. Cofounder @TheBakery, an innovation co. and launched Linkybrains. I post for the curious who question the world.
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Brent Lowe
The Scale Coach for Founder CEOs and co-author of Reinventing Scale-Ups: Radical Ideas for Growing Companies
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Mike Strange
I like playing with ideas and making things. https://mikestrange.blog
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David Papa
Writing about why we are here and how we can help ourselves and others.
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Kathryn Sheridan
Credibility consultant, conscious business leader. CEO @sustconsult, Co-Founder buitendenker. Ambassador 1% for the Planet. Trying to do the next right thing.
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Elaine Siu
Reflective Inquiry | Spirituality in Entrepreneurship (current series)
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Sean O'Leary
Wonderer, entrepreneur, yogi, boxer and aspiring gymnast. I'm interested in how to live better and do business better. You can find me at www.seanoleary.net
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Gail Bainbridge
Living the dream! I’ve done it I’ve sold my business, bought a motorhome & set out on an adventure to explore both me and this magnificent island I call home ❤️
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Emily Shipp
Endlessly curious, sponge-like absorber of interesting things. Writing about meaningful work @questionsonpurpose.
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ben johnson
In service of Healthier and Happier - Companies, People and Places.
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Jhon Munoz
I am passionate about mindset change and its impact on the Planet. A new Mindset to live in harmony with Planet Earth. www.planetearthmindset.com.