Why real fulfilment comes through commitment and community

Photo by Nathan Getzin at Timberline Lodge, Alptitude USA 2018

Why this discomfort might be telling you something

  • 🛣 Start by making choices that feel right, even if they don’t make commercial sense yet. This will give you energy and fuel your passion.
  • ♥️ Get clear on your your values — and crucially live them don’t laminate them.
  • 🧗🏼‍♀️ Search out kindred spirits that you can learn from, support (and get supported by) and have fun with. This will make the journey as rewarding as the destination.
  • 🚀 Feel the fear and do it anyway. Write down what the worst…

Lessons learned from a Fireside chat with our business mentor Alan Wick

Liana Fricker from Inspiration Space
  1. Entrepreneurship is not a science
    As well as learning the methods and how to de-risk situations through experimenting, you also learn how to trust your instincts. As Peter Drucker says “it is neither science nor art, it is a practice”. …

Why 2–3 words can transform your business and life

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