TIS Weekly (#123): What Kind Of Ink Does A 3D-Printer Use?

[October 15th, 2017]

This week went by so fast. That’s what happens when you love your job. Watching the best videos, attending inspiring events (check the blog!) and working on cool educational projects (more on that later). This week’s newsletter will zoom in on different materials a 3D-printer can use to print with. You might have seen our TIS Picks already which shows examples of glass, fabric and metal printing, but there’s more.
You’ll be surprised!

Theme | 3D-PRINT
Simulated rubber

‘Agilus30’ by Stratasys is a rubber-like material that provides new level of tear resistance, elongation at break and tensile strength, making it ideal for prototyping delicate designs or parts that undergo repeated flexing and bending.

Theme | 3D-PRINT
Edible ink?

In the category ‘food you didn’t know you wanted, until you saw the video’: you are now able to print your own pizza (Beehex) or gummy candy (Dylan’s Candy Bar). It’s also worth checking out the Foodini, a home-cooking printer.

Theme | 3D-PRINT

As part of a research project at the Appalachian State University, the interdisciplinary artist and designer Taekyeom Lee has built a 3D-printer which is able to produce ceramic sculptures and objects.

Theme | 3D-PRINT
Carbon fiber

Carbon M1 Printer developed by Carbon 3D uses CLIP technology to create a super fast 3D-printing experience. CLIP technology utilizes both light and oxygen in order to cure a photosensitive resin. This proces enables the printing of objects at speeds between 25–100 times faster than that of current 3D-printers on the market today.

Partos Innovation Festival

On October 12th we reported live from #innovationfestival and micro-blogged via Twitter. In the Storify you’ll find a summary of our tweets, Instagram posts and the most important tweets during the conference. I’ve also written a blog in which I reflect on the talks and workshops given.

Add your own videos and maybe they will feature in the next TIS Weekly. Questions? Remarks? Ideas? hello@tis.tv is the address! From TIS with love, Simone de Bruin.