TIS Weekly (#70): Can You See The Grand Design?

[October 10th, 2016]

Did you see our new featured theme? It’s Design! And we know, it’s a little bit different as design is bigger than just one theme; it incorporates many other themes as well. No reason not to show you the latest..! Enjoy :)

Theme | 3D-PRINT
Custom-made wheelchair

They keep finding more applications for 3D-printing. Take this GO wheelchair for example. It’s ingenious design by Benjamin Hubert is made by using biometric data of the user, making it fit the individual’s body shape and needs.

Innovation meets design

The Smog Free Project is a tower which purifies air around it by using ozone-free ion technology and a small amount of green electricity. The tower made it’s debut in Rotterdam last year.

Partos Innovation Festival

TIS.tv was present at the Partos Innovation Festival this week. Read a short recap on our activities there on Medium:What About Non-First World Countries?

Partos Innovation Festival with kids reporter Taco Rietveld

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