TIS Weekly (#76): eHealth — Digital Applications In Healthcare

[November 20th, 2016]

As an avid practitioner of rugby, chances are that once in a while you end up in the emergency room. Last week, it was my turn. Nothing serious, just a few stitches. But the full waiting room got me thinking, how many of these people could be helped with eCare? It would be cool if eHealth solutions could prevent full waiting rooms and traffic to the hospitals. A consult via Skype, telemonitoring of heart patients or in my case a stitching-robot controlled by a specialist? And check out this nifty Ketchum mHealth Mintor infographic.

Theme | HEALTH
The IBM Watson Health Cloud

The Health Cloud is a centralized cognitive system that is able to analyze a vast amount of data (including real-time patient’s data measured with wearables). It translates that information into knowledge that can help the healthcare professional in his decision-making process.

Theme | HEALTH
Stethoscope at home

CliniCloud is a digital stethoscope that comes with a mobile app and thermometer. It allows patients to keep track and monitor a cold, cough or fever. It may save you a ride to the hospital!

Theme | DRONES
Ultrasounds from afar

SonoSite is a true innovator in the ultrasound industry and has developed a compact, portable system that allows ultrasound imaging to be sent to a doctor’s smartphone several miles away in a matter of seconds. It reduces the costs of an ultrasound from $80 to $2 per patient!

Theme | HEALTH
eHealth Centers

HP eHealth Centers bring top notch primary healthcare to 40+ resource-poor locations in India, Bhutan and the Philippines, enabling early intervention and treatment of common health problems without traveling great distances.

Event | TEDxAMS
New Power

TIS was following TEDx Amsterdam this Friday. Read all the social media highlights on Storify: #NewPower.

Like these videos on eHealth and looking for more? Our friends at Volta have a video special on eHealth this Saturday. Tune in atwww.voltatv.com.

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