TIS Weekly (#91): Buzzing With Energy (Solutions)

[March 5th, 2017]

Although my house has an impressive solar panel on its rooftop, it can’t have been productive this week. Too many showers and clouds! Thank goodness there are many other ways to generate energy. In today’s newsletter I want to share some cool examples of green energy solutions: wind, water, solar and kinetic. Oh, and why not start your Sunday morning with this Indian farmer and his ‘innovative’ method to irrigate his farm?

Theme | ENERGY
Wind: copying natural movement

‘NASA does it, why not we?’, is what Tyer must have thought when using biomimicry (copying natural movements and abilities) to develop a new wind turbine. It’s based on the hummingbird, the most energy-efficient flyer.

Theme | ENERGY
Water: energy from waves

On their website Carnegie Clean Energy mentions three main advantages of wave energy over sun & wind energy: less variable, more predictable and the proximity of end users to the energy sites (apparently nearly 60% of the world’s population lives within 60km of a coast, fact checkers pay attention).

Theme | ENERGY
Solar: solar panel? Solar roof!

At the end of 2016, Elon Musk unveiled new plans for Tesla to get even more involved with sustainable energy products. Solar Roof exists of tiles that look just like any other roof, but they can power your home with clean energy. It’s accompanied by the Powerwall 2, which basically serves as a battery to store excess energy generated during the day.

Theme | ENERGY
Kinetic: converting play to lights

London-based company Pavegen creates clean energy solutions for smart cities. Its systems convert energy from mechanical impact into electricity and are already installed in London, Washington D.C. and Nigeria. This football pitch is just one example of how people-powered kinetic energy solutions can help communities around the world.

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