The Ideas of India 

Where we fight the idea that there is only one idea of India. What you ought to talk about when you talk about India.  

10 Reasons Why The Legal Notice Against PK Does Nothing For Hinduism

1. An organisation called the ‘Hindu Legal Cell’ has filed legal notice on theAamir Khan film PK. I called a series of people…

10 New #illridewithyou

1. #illridewithyou every step of the way towards a new reformist zeal within the religion that takes it away from violence and apostasy beliefs

The Age of Bharat

Welcome to the year which marks an epochal moment in Indian history. For years we have spoken about two nations in one geography — India and Bharat. What did we mean by that…

10 Reasons Why I Support Kissing In Public In India

1. Because a kiss in the crowds is delicious serendipity, of the most delicious kind.

Friendship in the time of ideology

We are at one of those moments in our history, we in India, that is, when nations have acute, often troubling conversations with themselves. These are not…

How Raja Rammohun Roy proves that both Chetan Bhagat and his critics are wrong.

It is that time in those years when Chetan Bhagat writes a book, and millions buy it, and many hurl…

Dear Mr Khaliq, stop trying to scare us to win votes

Dear Mr Khaliq,

As a senior journalist, I usually keep away from responding directly to the essays or articles…

What the Mahabharat teaches about invincibility in war

Today I chanced upon the tale of Barbarik in the Mahabharat. It has the most delicious philosophical paradox. Barbarik is the son…

How one voice changed India’s grand autumnal festival forever

If you ask Bengalis, across generations and measures of intellectual snobbery, there are few things they agree on.

What ‘India is the land of the Hindus’ Really Means

For as long as I can remember there has been incessant debate in India about this whole business of whether or not this vast…

Why we are being told that we must hate Gandhi

Gandhi’s greatest legacy of challenging, without violence, the British Empire has been quoted as inspiration by…

Can India free itself from sneering at its ancient history?

A man of Indian origin has just won the Fields Medal. This is considered the Nobel, or the highest prize…

Who’s afraid of some myth in Indian history?

In the last few weeks, there has been a lot of derisory laughter about a suggestion that some of India’s greatest myths…

The public life of business

(Why everything from working in an NGO to fighting elections makes for good corporate social responsibility)

Home Hunt

Myths and Realities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

A few days ago an article in Foreign Policy appeared which claimed to myth bust critical aspects…

From Ram to Rupee: The New Hindutva 

(The temple isn’t forgotten but economics takes precedence.)

IT WAS ONCE one of the best known quasi-political…

Evenings In Mhaari/Saadi Mumbai

Not So Gay In Amchi Mumbai

The gorgeous Suman Sridhar reprises a 1966 pop song titled ‘Evening in Gay Maharashtra‘ in support of the…

The Muslim Businessmen Who Support Narendra Modi

(Why business is the bridge between the man and the community)

There was a time when it was the mission of Zafar Sareshwala’s life to get Narendra Modi arrested. Today there is no one perhaps among Indian Muslims who supports the Gujarat chief minister more emphatically than this scion of an old Ahmedabad…

A Borderline Case 

(Can India play the delicate balance between providing humanitarian aid to Bangladeshi minorities under threat and yet curb illegal migration?)

Vote Them Out 

(15 potential high growth areas in India have been destroyed by bad politics. It is time voters in these places sack their representatives.)

The Ideas of India 
The Ideas of India 

Where we fight the idea that there is only one idea of India. What you ought to talk about when you talk about India.  

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