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Narrative non-fiction writing from a fortnightly periodical for curious people with a technical bent.

Eight Years of Solitude

On freelance labor, journalism, and survival

When people tell me they admire my freelance career, when they tell me it must be nice to

Hacked Off

The hacker-activist community seems to leave no safe place for women. Rosie J. Spinks asks: Can it grow up?

My Hazelnut Heart

She only speaks a few words of her in-laws’ language, but she knows how to find the right thing to say.

How to Move a Wood Bison

The chutes, ladders, and waiting games behind a plan to restore a giant mammal to Alaska. Jenna Schnuer observes some of the first steps.

Used Books Speak Volumes

A book in the hand is worth two in the Nook.

I take the old way, over the railroad tracks, into an old, blue-collar neighborhood that now…

It’s a Bumblebee’s World

Spring has nearly sprung, and the bumblebee is its harbinger, explains researcher Kent McFarland.

My Cup of Tea

The forgotten art of proper tea.

Coffee drinkers complain all too often about how tough it is to find a decent cup of coffee. Pfft. You know what’s tough…

String Theory

A bit of twine transformed between two hands is an ice breaker that transcends cultures and languages.

Baseball Misfits

There’s a weird schism between geeks who love sports and those who don’t.

It took 30 years for me to realize that as a kid I had been judged…

Mexican Digital Library

Mexico is determined to convert its patrimony into digital form on its own terms.

Small Instruction Set

CoderDojo promotes self-directed learning and local mentors to help kids teach themselves to program.

Dirty R&B

A truly filthy, wonderful genre of blues fails to get the attention it deserves. Leah Reich takes us on a tour.

Ski(d) Marks

A little pavement won’t stop Rob Pegoraro from cross-country skiing across his city. 

Radium Hound

A responsible dealer of a radioactive element once pushed as a quack cure tried to keep the genie in the bottle, writes Theresa Everline.

Stacked In His Favor

Matthew Amster-Burton contends with the messy reality of books in an elementary-school library

Quality Time

It’s time to stand up for what’s important: not you.

Technology invades every aspect of our lives. Computers, tablets, smartphones. Email, Pinterest…

Eggs Terminate

A faster, egg-free flu vaccine becomes available to those with allergies, including reporter Jen A. Miller.

Tip of the Iced Burb

Atlanta’s urban form doesn’t cope well with ice storms. That doesn’t mean it’s going to change any time soon.

Pay Caesar His Due

Sorting out the taxing dilemma of paying taxes on crowdfunding campaigns at Kickstarter and beyond.

The Birth of the Cool

San Francisco’s original scenester looks back on a half century of bohemian life with Colleen Hubbard.

“All night parties, free love, I’m up for it.” Diamond Dave Whitaker marvels at the memory of reading a 1957 report in The Nation that convinced him at age 19 to position his Minnesota hometown in a rearview mirror as he set off…

The Magazine on Medium
The Magazine on Medium

Narrative non-fiction writing from a fortnightly periodical for curious people with a technical bent.

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