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On the journey of life, never stop learning, never stop growing, never stop exploring.
Note from the editor

On the journey of life… when you stumble upon that moment on a hike where the leaves rustle, the sun dapple hits your eye, life makes sense, and you’re at peace, in the now. I’m pretty much always on a journey looking for that moment. Not just in nature, but in all parts of life. It’s there, in everything, it’s just not always so easy for us to see. There are too many distractions and shiny objects to pull our attention. My goal is to find it, revel in it, and then bring it to show and tell here on this page. It’s a lofty goal, I’m aware, and one I fail at constantly. But I will keep at it, because that’s what makes the journey worth it.

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Jason Journeyman Wise
I call myself a journeyman, because life's all about the journey, man // Artist in Residence for the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument