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A publication about unsolved mysteries from the deep ocean to space and from antiquity to present day.
Note from the editor

A publication about unsolved mysteries from the deep ocean to space and from antiquity to present day.

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Martina Petkova
In my Medium writing, I explore the human psyche, mental health, & the signs and causes of abuse and racism.
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Brown Lotus
I am Könchok: mom, polyglot, & German/Puerto Rican upasikha. I am a woman of all homelands and all people; I’ve made my peace with it.
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Richard Bruschi
Renaissance man. Writer, photographer, architect, and editor. Topics about history, architecture, travel, mystery, fitness & health, Italy, the UK, and the PNW.
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I’m a psychology graduate interested in neuroscience- especially aging and neurodegeneration. I also love history, music and nature!
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Kym L Pasqualini
A veteran crime victim advocate who loves to write. Founder and CEO of the National Center for Missing Adults from 1994–2010.
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Michael East
Freelance writer. Writing on true crime, mysteries, politics, history, popular culture, and more. | https://linktr.ee/MichaelEast
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Winifred J. Akpobi
Young, graceful womanist. You should read my stuff while you’re here <3 💌 Email: winifredakpobi@gmail.com
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Cody L. Pearce
Cody Pearce is a true crime writer, aspiring fiction author and creator of www.codylwrites.com
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Jake Thomas
23 year old creative. Avid musician and science fiction nerd.
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Harshi Baldota
I like reading interesting things and sometimes love sharing them here. Let's connect on Instagram @harshibaldota_
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Wess Haubrich
Horror, crime, noir with a distinctly southwestern tinge. I am a former contributor editor of an award-winning film site and other projects too.
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Edward Morante
Aspiring writer. Currently a jack of all trades, but master of none. I write about true crime and tech reviews typically.
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Jen is the host of the missing persons podcast: "Where are they?”
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Ana Coughlin
Loves the Beach. Loves to Read. Writing is not a hobby, but a passion.
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Carter Covington
true crime writer on medium
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Magda Szymanska
Japanese studies graduate and pop culture junkie. I write about soft power, Asia and (occasionally!) politics.
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R. Kennedy-Escott
A part time writer, studying for my BA (Hons) Degree Creative Writing. My interests include mental health, politics, LGBT rights, fiction, poetry and many more!
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Monica James
law student, true crime enthusiast, aspiring writer, writing to learn, immense storyteller.
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Pop Culture Crime
Just a West Coast girl passionate about my hungry guys.
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I am a mystery/true crime writer predominantly. However, I am a student of the world! A “writer” in self-training anyway… I hope you like my posts.
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Rivy Lyon
Investigative Journalist | Criminology, Psychology & Sociology B.A. | I’ve loved true crime since Forensic Files was Medical Detectives!
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Robin Barefield
I am an Alaska wilderness mystery author and a podcaster: Murder and Mystery in the Last Frontier. https://murder-in-the-last-frontier.blubrry.net
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Eliza J.
Creator of Leave The Lights On podcast. True crime and paranormal enthusiast. Coffee drinker who’s coworker is a dog.
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Caitlin King
Usually clutching a strong cup of coffee, a good book, or both. Writing about true crime, mostly. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caitistyping/
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Annabelle Wagner
Storyteller. Lover of cats. Holding a BA in English/Creative Writing from Point Park University. She/her.
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Natasha Mullins
committed to bringing exposure and meaning to unidentified body cases and the weird parts of history. https://linktr.ee/tashawrites
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Kassondra O'Hara
Working mom who uses her curiosity to fuel the curiosities of others ~ Writes mostly history and true crime
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Verity Partington
A writer and author of crime thrillers living in the UK. Partial to books, stationery, papercrafts and walking. You can find her books on Amazon here: https://a
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I am a History Educator and a Lifelong Learner with a Masters in Global History.
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Leah Gillis
Reiki Healing Crime Reporter. Passport User, Discourse Haver, Sagittarius. Seeker of the Awesome, Interesting & Notable. Je dig Pizza. Book #1… IG The.Eye.News
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Corey Sobell
Writer and advocate for the missing and murdered.
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Mr. K
I’m on my journey. Join me by following along!
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Krishna V Chaudhary
10M+ Views | History Writer | 4x Top Writer | Quality over Quantity | Contact me: chaudharikrishna1@yahoo.com
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Laura Halls
Trans/Genderfluid writer writing whatever comes to mind
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Effa Marriam
Freelance web writer | An avid reader | Microbiologist
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Chloe Wells
True crime and strange tales mostly. Top writer for the tag ‘Finland’.
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Psychologist and Freelancer . Criminal Psychology is my passion. I write about mental health, true crime, psychology and more. I love mystery and horror ❤️.
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Rishabh Sharma
Writer, Volunteer Tutor — P.A.L.S.
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Dr. Shakira
⭐️FlowerChild⭐️Sirius B 🩺Philosopher 📚 Author 📜Freelance Scribe ✨Ancient Egypt Unveiled🔺Ancient Evidence Society🔺https://thedrshakira.com/portfolio
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Sh*t Happens - Lost Girl Travel
Hi! I’m Georgie and I share travel stories of when sh*t happens. I think that sometimes the worst things that happen to you traveling, are often the funniest
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Amethyst Qu
Author, seeker, birder. New crystal secrets book: https://books2read.com/Crystal3M Join here: https://amethystqu.medium.com/membership.
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Jennifer Baldwin
Teacher * Psychology * Unsolved Crime * Forensics * Mystery * Animal Lover * Fashion * Southern California
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Bertilla Niveda
Artist, engineer, and writer with a lot to say. You can connect with me at bertillaniveda@gmail.com | Learn more→ https://bit.ly/3Ba489Q
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Shenbaga Lakshmi
Software engineer chasing cultural stories. 4x Top Writer. Best life tip: Text your friends back! Contact: shenbawrites@gmail.com
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Jurgen Shperdhea
Direct Response Copywriter. Worked with +120 major U.S. brands to increase their sales. Here to spread unconditional love. Follow me: http://linktr.ee/shperdhea
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A. Grace
Grace writes fiction & articles on various topics in the western U.S. She is also a photographer, dog mom, and nature lover! Buy her a coffee: Ko-fi.com/agrace
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Sam Bracke
Loves adventure, running, traveling, and writing. Always ready to try new things. Tries to live a more simple, meaningful life.
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Andrea Mottau
Just a fellow Storyteller and Creativity Enthusiast. Journalist by day, Poet by night
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Cathy Coombs
Language enthusiast fueled by thinking and writing. Website: https://writerallday.com/
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Tim Reynolds
Writing about topics that interest me. The paranormal, Folklore, Faith, History, True Crime, Life in General.
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Becky Van Horn
Married mother of 3, crazy high school teacher, and volunteer connoisseur. I love to read and travel with my husband and kids.
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Amber Brambell
I love books, culture, and history, and write about all of them. Contact: amberbrambell@gmail.com
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Zero the Writer
Author of “Who mothered the corpse?” AVAILABLE ON AMAZON
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Tina Y
I am a wife and busy stay-at-home Mom to 4 teenagers and a pre-teen. I enjoy researching and writing about unsolved crime with the help of my husband.
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Liam Hall
I like to write about crime, among other things. Studying computer security. Join Medium using my referral link https://zeph456.medium.com/membership
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Psych Kush
1x top writer in parenting • there’s far more value in a story than a study
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Ida Larsdotter
Writing about history, mysteries, and historic true crime. On Twitter under @ida_larsdotter.
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Ripley J. Cloud
Writer of sci-fi, thrillers, and a little bit of everything else. Love reading all.
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Madie Paige
An 18 year old recent high school graduate writing about things I enjoy.
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Taylor Sarlo
An artsy type.
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Olivia Cal
Tea-fuelled freelance B2B content & copywriter in London. Exploring history and spooks. Find me at www.oliviacal.com!
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Karina Kay
I am a Student and a Freelance Writer. I write about everything from self-improvement to sociological issues and debates. Contact me: Kkxy13@outlook.com
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Theewari Dulandiya
Hello everyone! I am a Sri Lankan living in Estonia. Most of the time, I write true crime stories and travel stories.
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Crime Watch
Wannabe sleuth and a crime junky! This blog is dedicated to all things crime. From murders & mysteries to thefts & heists, I cover it all!