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Thoughts on Politics In A Networked Age

Water Hero Springs Well of Opportunity

Cause-driven businessman and humanitarian Jef Holm shares how his time in the national spotlight on “The Bachlor” has given…

Apple’s Touch ID should be shunned

Biometrics cannot, and absolutely must not, be used to authenticate an identity

Changing the World with a Plastic Cup

Living Consciously through the Eyes of Youth

When Lorin Whitaker brushes the blonde hair from where it covers his ocean…

Bitcoin is not a threat, it is a boon

Legislatures in the democracies should not approach technology from a position of unwarranted, irrational fear.

What is a ‘public servant’?

What a servant is and is not is central to understanding the proper role of government.

Homeless Dog Walker Finds Redemption in Animal Rescue 

The Soulful Story of a City Dog Walker

Aloha Matthews knows the streets of St. George, Utah. Intimately.

Software is eating the car

If you live in a city, take a quick look around. Something crazy is happening right in front of your eyes: the personal car is disappearing.

Extend the Web Forward

A Manifesto

In October 2007, Ian Hickson, the editor of the HTML5 specification added support for “offline applications.” The new feature made it possible for users to visit a website while offline.

Offline. Solved. Right?

Years passed, and websites like Facebook and the Financial Times tried to use the feature…

How a 3D Printer Changed My World

Artefact’s Paul Hoover records his 3D printing experiments 

When a new technology emerges, I always like to immerse myself…

The Pay Ratio

Why equality is good for business—and why the tech sector should be a role model for fairness, and not just innovation

At the New Yorker blog, George Packer responded to my earlier post, Learning From Los Gatos, with a few thoughtful and generous remarks. I think we are in agreement that the politics of Silicon Valley are weirder and more…

Meet in the Middle

A solution for dealing with one-sided relationships.

You meet new people every day, even though you aren’t formally introduced. You stand with…

Learning From Los Gatos

Why Silicon Valley is not the second coming of the Gilded Age. 

It’s no surprise that George Packer—one of the most gifted writers in the business—has hit upon a fascinating topic in his latest New Yorker piece: the emerging politics of Silicon Valley. While the essay is behind a paywall, it’s definitely worth tracking down if you’re not…

The Peer Society
The Peer Society

Thoughts on Politics In A Networked Age

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