The Power of Harassment

Actions are just as important as intentions.

How to Cry at Starbucks in Just a Few Easy Steps

Or, How I Know Men Really Don’t Ever Ask For Directions

When the Predation Stops

An alternative viewpoint on ‘Casual Predation’

I just read the excellent article ‘Casual Predation’ here on Medium and as a forty something woman I feel I need to give an alternative point of view.

Because one day, the predation will stop. It happens when you’re about thirty, not all at once, but one day you realise that…

Casual Predation

To know a predator, you must know what it is to be prey

The other day while riding a Paris train, a man boarded my car and, out of all the empty…

Towards a history of sexism in STEM fields

In order to understand the nature of sexism in STEM, we must uncover the roots of our biased definition of technology

The Comics Industry is Toxic to Women

Earlier this week, comic book illustrator Tess Fowler used social media to talk about her and other women’s experience with Brian Wood. It got some…


“Hey bitch!” someone yelled.

“Biiitttch!” I heard again from the car.

If you see something, smash something

Leveling the glass obstacle course

There’s been a lot of heartening talk lately about about changing the ratio in tech…

Drinkups Are Rape Culture

Bodily autonomy isn’t only about sex.

My youngest brother has a lot of allergies. No, a lot of allergies. They’ve gotten a little better with age and medication, but time was, even smelling milk or eggs or walnuts or cherries or any of a dozen other things would land him in intensive care. I’d come home from school and oops, there’d be a…

Never Should Have Smiled

just another professional encounter gone south

His hand slid dangerously close to my ass as he sloppily whispered in my ear that he and…

Be Quiet and Accept the Compliment

Entitlement is such a funny damn thing 

I was nine when I started puberty, and from the beginning it was less a gentle blossoming into adulthood than series of car wrecks slamming into me. I had been prepared for a gradual series of far more pastel color changes. Nothing I had ever been told prepared me for the blood and the…

Don’t Push That Button

Sexual harassment, science, and personal history

The past few weeks have been troubling, to say the least. Recent events in the science

Why The Tech Industry’s Sexism Problem Isn’t Going Away

Standing up for what’s right.

In the last two years, I’ve seen more people than ever speak out against…

Heels, harassment, tech and science. Oh, my…

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I don’t know if you’ve been keeping your ears to the interwebz of late but there’s a helluvalot of harassment going on and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Roughly a week ago, all hell broke loose when writer Danielle Lee was called an urban whore for requesting payment…

Dentistry’s Dirty Secret

Bringing subtle sexual harassment during examinations in Medical Sciences to the fore and how my own experience has shaped my life

I Like My Men Like I Like My Coffee. Strong.

It takes courage to look at yourself, really look at yourself, and accept responsibility for a hurtful outcome or a failed attempt. The…

It can happen

What would you do?

Some years ago I was sexually harassed by a man. It started with small things that I mostly ignored, comments like “you have a nice physique,” and “I’m available.” As he got bolder I fell into a pattern of ignoring him. We were working in close quarters on an ocean-going research vessel so I couldn’t avoid him. Several weeks of hard work…

Science Online and ScienceOnline: A Possible Way Forward

In the wake of a cascade of sexual-harassment accusations, some suggested next steps for a beloved science…

Don’t Call This Twitter Rage


I’ve seen a number of tweets and blog comments over the last few days wondering — some nicely, some not so nicely — why so many of us reacted more strongly to Scientific American’s response to Dr. Danielle Lee’s post, rather than to the Biology-Online worker’s comment about her being an “urban whore.”

Scar Tissue

How harassment has made me a bad ally

On Wednesday, I finally returned home from ScienceOnline Oceans after a week in Miami. I wanted to write about the conference—about my experience onstage for The Story Collider, the late mornings in the Deep Sea News suite, all of the wonderful, thought-provoking sessions, catching up with old friends and meeting new…

We have a long way to go

Thoughts about harassment and protecting my daughter.

Like many others, I love science. From my earliest aptitude tests in primary…

The Power of Harassment
The Power of Harassment

Actions are just as important as intentions.

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