3 Watercooler-Worthy Things That Happened in Sports This Weekend

Guaranteed to make you laugh, smile or SMH

To kick off your week, let’s take a little look at the sports news everyone will be buzzing about at the watercooler. There is this extra incentive to root for those going to Rio and an extra reason—thanks to these fools at Texas A&M—to tell your coworkers to sign up for The Relish.

  1. Bad Timing: Re: the timing of the upcoming presidential debates, Donald Trump said, “It’s against two NFL games. I got a letter from the NFL saying, ‘This is ridiculous.’” (The NFL denied sending him a letter.) Is it as ridiculous as this crazy (and fake) Japanese ad for Trump as World President? You decide.
Derek Dietrich hadn’t had a hit in 10 days and he was 0 for 20.

2. Magic Marlins: Teammates of the Marlins’ Derek Dietrich helped celebrate the first walkoff hit of his career (a triple that led to the 5–4 win against the Cards) by tearing his jersey off, as he ran across the field a la Cristiano Ronaldo. (See below. And—you’re welcome.)

Clearly, Dietrich (and golfer Rory McIlroy) are regulars at the gym.

3. NSFSnapchat: Remember when Draymond Green got suspended for hitting LeBron in the crotch in Game 4 of the NBA Finals? Well this weekend, Green accidentally sent a photo of his own crotch, thinking he was sending a private pic. Yeah, karma can be a real b.

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