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The Social Life Project
The Social Life Project is a program to highlight successful examples of public spaces, and share wisdom from the people who made them happen. There is no secret recipe for lively, friendly, beloved places — they are the product of communities following their instincts.
Note from the editor

The Placemaking Fund grows out of work we’ve done in 3000 communities around the world over the past 43 years. The Fund is a small not-for-profit foundation that is undertaking two initial efforts: The Social Life Project, which focuses on how small urban spaces can be the foundation of big change in communities; and PlacemakingX; a global network of leaders who together are accelerating placemaking as a way to create healthy, inclusive, and beloved communities together.

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Francisca Benitez B.
Chilean urbanist living in Brooklyn. Passionate about placemaking. Program Manager at PlacemakingX.
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Fred Kent and Kathy Madden
Placemaking. Over 40 year ago we founded Project for Public Spaces…www.pps.org. "Holly" Whyte's "Social Life of Small Urban Spaces" is our bible…
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