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Binge is the new black

How TV excess became cool

Originally published in the March/April issue of This Magazine.

Ted Mosby inside me says this 

small tribute to “How i met your mother” 

Hi …….. (settling for pet name for you is a big step and obviously don't want…

Going Medieval on Game of Thrones: How Historically Accurate is the Show?

Sure, there were no Starks or dragons, but what about regicide, the Westeros countryside and…

You can save Live Comedy

Stand up comedy on television has boomed here in the UK over the last half a decade. With Live At The Apollo and Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow presenting viewers…

Mindy Lahiri Needs A New ‘Project’

Why ‘The Mindy Project’ should add a new female character in season 3 (and it’s not who you think)

Why I’m happy Parks and Rec is ending

(And you can be too!)

It’s that time of year when major broadcasting companies make ludicrious decisions that only network…

Making Bad

The Rise of Nihilistic Television

We’re Nihilists. We believe in nothing, Lebowski. Nothing.

Should the Show be Called “Dancing With the Gladiators”?

Why does our popular culture raise hardship onto a pedestal? There’s just nothing sensible about that in my opinion. It is…

The Big Bang Theory: a useful tool for an anxious high schooler

Pros and cons of this popular TV show through the eyes of a pop culture analyst 

How cancellation saved the Seventh Doctor

When “Doctor Who” was cancelled in 1989, the Seventh Doctor’s story was just getting started.

Don Draper’s #25Tags for Burger Chef / Peggy Olson

Or, Guessing at Mad Men’s Next Episode Through the Timeless Art of Sloganeering

See Don Work. Work…

I See Your Value Now

Asperger’s and the Art of Allegory

I’m in my therapist’s office, talking about friendship. I’ve been struggling with emotional intimacy and…

4 Things I’ve Missed About 24

Everybody’s favourite counterterrorism agent is coming back to shout at people some more.

When 24 went off the air four years ago, most of us agreed it was time. The show had become formulaic, and the writers had subjected hero Jack Bauer to every personal tragedy imaginable. The man, and the show, needed a rest. But next…

VFX, Border Wars.

Hollywood’s subsidy love affair is wreaking lives, hurting the storymaking process and could take down the business at large… 

When Should a TV Show End?

The series finale of How I Met Your Mother airs tonight, but should we have said goodbye years ago?

Why Does Everyone Hate the How I Met Your Mother Finale?

How I Met Your Mother ended this past Monday with an amazing 208 episode run (putting it somewhere in the top 30 for longest…

Which Food Trucks Would Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters Absolutely Love?

By Emily Collins

Here in New York City, we’re lucky to enough to have access to some of the most fantastic restaurants, food trucks and carts to exist. Unfortunately for Westeros, the food truck trend just has not caught on, but we’re dreamers here at FoodtoEat and matched a few of…

Assisted Suicide Comes to “Girls”

A subject considered too hot to handle for American TV finally gets an airing

The T.V. Age
The T.V. Age

This is what we talk about when we talk about television. Follow us on Twitter: @TheTVAGE

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