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Preliminary Notes: A startup is and is defined by a collection of individuals — a team of startuppers — with a common purpose, vision, mission, values and product/service offering.

From Year O on, a team of startuppers decide to go towards one direction, work, make choices, perform tasks, experience internal and external changes, creates and experience moments together — startup’s journey (the life’s journey of a startup, as a collection of individuals)

A collection of individuals — a team of startuppers — is made of single individuals — startuppers —

Therefore, a startup is defined by either the collective journey of a team of startuppers and the individual journey of a startupper.

As a consequence, a startup is defined by either a startup’s journey and the inner experiences and heart’s journey of a startupper.

In other words, the startup XZ depends on a collective component, which in turn depends on the sum of single components. The start up XZ (what the Market see) 1) is about the startup per se (a team with a purpose, vision, mission, values and products/services offering), 2) is built around either the startup’s journey (collectively speaking) and the startupper’s inner experiences/heart journey (individually speaking), which can be mutually affected.

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It’s time to speak more ‘bout our startup per se (our purpose, vision, mission, values and creations, as a team) and our startup’s journey (how we work, team moments and challenges, team fights, etc.). If you are a startup/startupper and you want to create content, click here 🔥


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I’m Marco Borgato but I go by the name of Borg or Borgy :) I’m the Chief Innovation officer, Chief Visionary Officer and Chief Product Officer (but, fuck these titles) of FashTime, a young start up.

Yes, so…I was talking about how products need to be the practical and natural translation of a clear purpose, vision and mission.

Well…here they are 🔥

Our Purpose — Why we do it (why we started FashTime)

FashTime was born to:
• Add more colours and bring more light into our (digital) life.
• Be an inspiration for self-expression, -transparency, -awareness and -improvement.

We believe in adding More to Life through design-and-tech-driven social-digital products and inspiring living breathing creative projects.

Our Vision — What we see for the future

“You have to know where you’re going to be able to figure out the best way to get there.” FashTime vision is the framework for our Roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

*Notes: This is just the first part of our vision. It lays the foundations for our actual future existence and it’s the catalyst of our ultimate ‘re-branded’ vision. Yes, there is more… and I’ll share it with you soon (at the right time) 😉


FashTime see a world where we, all of us, can:
• Wear our true colours and feel like our best selves: without the pressure to please others and fear of non-recognition, while still being respectful and open.
• Feel truly recognized for who we are: in the future everyone will have their ’15 minutes’. Literally.


• Be world-recognized as a comprehensive, fun, impartial and efficient social-digital ecosystem.
• Be seen as a social-digital reference point of the online fashion world (and beyond).

Our Mission — What we do (or how we achieve our Vision and stay true to our purpose)

*Notes: This is just the first part of our mission. It lays the foundations for our actual future existence and it’s the catalyst of our ultimate ‘re-branded’ mission. Yes, there is more…and I’ll share it with u soon (at the right time) 😉

Key Mission statements:

FashTime is on a mission to create social-digital disruptions that:
• Transform how we perceive Fashion and ourselves.
• Make us more connected, wishful to share and willing to help (through Fashion).
How? By empowering us to connect smartly, share and discover magically, like and think differently, help and decide quickly.

Mission related to people:

People use FashTime to:
• Share life moments that inspire the world, by wearing their true colors.
• Feel like the best version of themselves, by sharing and deciding together on life challenges.
• Feel truly recognized for who they are, by killing ‘the Likes’ and thinking in Seconds.

Our logo represents our purpose, vision and mission.

The Butterfly is the symbol of unity, fun, freedom and transformations. This powerful insect is an inspiration for adding more color into our life and self-expression. Those who have the butterfly as a totem may be naturally inclined to express themselves openly and change constantly, to reflect their colors into their environment.

Our Values & Messages

Unity. Fun. Freedom. Transformation.

Standard vs Pop

“Wear Your True Colors” or “#Keepit100 :)”
“Feel Like Your Best Self” vs. “#Bedope :)”
“Feel Truly Recognized” vs “#KilltheLikes :)”

“Ok….we got it, your purpose, vision, mission, values bla bla bla. So….what is FashTime? Tell us please, we’re losing our patience 👿

Well, I guess now you are ready 😎

Here we are…

FashTime is…





Actually you know what, wait for the next story…follow the way of the butterfly 😇

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About what you’ve just read: Notes from the Author — Marco Borgato:

It’s all about opening your heart to people. It’s all about making people feel part of an inspiring vision. It’s all about implementing a powerful mission, together. It’s all about being moved by an incredible sense of purpose — The Why.
We simply want to make an impact on this world and to involve people in our journey.
About the Author of this story: Marco Borgato (Borg, Borgy, Borglaire) is the co-founder of FashTime, owner/editor of ‘Startime’ and author of “The Way Of The Butterfly”. His life purpose is to add more colours and bring more light into people life and to be an inspiration for more life self-expression, -transparency, -awareness and -improvement. He believes in adding more to Life through design-&-tech-driven social-digital products and inspiring living breathing creative projects. For more about him, see here + all the other stories on the publication ‘Startime
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