The World According to Glass

Thoughts, opinions and musings about Google Glass and the future of computer interface design

Some initial thoughts about Google Glass

Upsides and downsides

I’ve had a tangerine-colored pair of Google Glass for five days now and thought I would share some…

Google Glass: Multitasking redefined

The whole new way of multitasking starts here.

Google Glass is one of few devices that I have always wanted to try out in…

Follow Me, I’m Famous.

Will sharing progress to ‘point-of-view’ (POV) video?

In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.
Andy Warhol

This is the begginning of the wearables race.

Apple, Samsung, and Google all show promise, but who will dominate in 2014?

Google Glass is for Extroverts

Social dynamics in wearable computing. Bug or feature?

You are in a room full of people.

This Trial Lawyer’s First 48 Hours Using Google Glass

Soccer, Lamborghini and Picking a Jury…

It’s Friday afternoon and my Google Glass has just been…

MyGlass Web Dashboard Updated with Glassware Tab

Google Getting Ready for Glass App Store?

I noticed today that the MyGlass dashboard on web was updated with a…

8 Game Changers in the Wearable Tech Space

Wearable Tech That Has or Will Change the World as We Know It 

The Thing Is…We Don’t Want the Future

Why smartwatches will be the first step in our wearable tech future

Conversation to Context

What next?

From my childhood I have always been fascinated with the five sensory organs God has created. We humans have moved a step closer in…

Take a Picture, and Tell Me What You See — Google Glass as Assistive Technology

There’s been a lot of breathless talk around the launch of Google Glass. Self righteous nerds the…

Wearables Usher In the Age of Context

Wearables have made me aware. What I choose to do about that, of course, is my own business. But they have placed me more firmly in my context, or my environment, than I was before.

I’ve just received an advance copy of Shel Israel and Robert Scoble’s new book The Age of Context, scheduled to be published in November. I wanted to…

How-To: Prescription Google Glass

Magnetically attach Glass to your frames for 20 dollars and 15 minutes 

How I Will Use Google Glass in 2015

(or sooner)

Smell the Coffee and Pet the Dog

I get up, roll over, and pop on my third generation Google Glass…

Why I passed up my Glass Explorers opportunity

aka GLA$$

A few months ago when Google announced its Glass Explorers program, I was anxious to be a part of it.

Life: The Video Game

Quick take on how life may come to feel like a video game

How will Google Glass transform professional football? Oakland Raiders punter…

I Banged James Deen #ThroughGlass

James Deen is the biggest porn star in the world, and I’m looking at him, not on a screen, but directly into his eyes. His gaze penetrates me and…

The Best Part of Glass is People

It’s just an excuse to make friends

After a month with Glass, I’ve got different thoughts than when I first got it. Here goes.

The World According to Glass
The World According to Glass

Thoughts, opinions and musings about Google Glass and the future of computer interface design

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