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The 2018 BOOK LIST: 144+ Potentially Life-Changing Books

A list of the 144+ books I read this past year


November 2017

Compound Effect (Amazon link)

December 2017

Under a Painted Sky (Amazon link)

January 2018

Story of Reality (Amazon)

February 2018

One Light Still Shines (Amazon)

March 2018

Out of a Far Country (Amazon)

April 2018

Art of Learning (Amazon link)

May 2018

Man’s Search for Meaning (Amazon link)

June 2018

Start With Why (Amazon)

July 2018

Conotagious (Amazon)

August 2018

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (Amazon)

September 2018

Finding Your Way to Change (Amazon)

October 2018

If You Can Keep It (Amazon)

November 2018

12 “Christian” Beliefs That Can Drive You Crazy (Amazon)

December 2018 (so far)

Mind Map Mastery (Amazon)

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