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✨ They Make Design ✨
Designer with 10 yrs of experience in branding web design and UI/UX. https://medium.com/theymakedesign/best-web-design-companies-3ecc85b32071
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Crafting User Experience @ Whatfix | Loves to share bytes of UX. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajayraj-thangaraj/
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Adolfo Ramírez Corona
Author, psychotherapist, coach—Human behavior, UX, media & audiences—Father, husband, meditator—Courses & coaching: antifragilewriting.com—More adolforismos.com
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Mario Vasilescu
Rethinking the attention economy and wonder wandering.
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Albert McQuiston
A Tech Geek | Passion for Writing about Programming & Tech | Writer and Editor @medium.com/top-software-companies | Contact Me at: albertmcquiston@gmail.com
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Aleksandra Melnikova
experience designer, systems thinker, curious mind
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Al Power 👨‍🎨
Product // Visual // Illustrator // Dublin, Ireland // www.alpowerillustrates.com
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Eric Chung
Exploring ways to reinvest in yourself
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We’re a social impact design agency that’s committed to making a difference. Learn more about our people, our work, and our thinking at www.constructive.co
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Ben Crothers
Design strategist, educator, sketchnoter, facilitator, explainer, author of Presto Sketching. I like bringing out creativity in others.
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Anne Lee
Product Designer @ Framer / Previously @ NAVER and The Princeton Review
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Etienne Fang
I am a human-centered research strategist who thrives at the intersection of insights and storytelling. www.having-it-all.org
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Go to the profile of Brian Richards
Brian Richards
Recent BYU Grad | Seeking full-time employment in UX
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PhD researcher in privacy, design, and ethics| www.designyourprivacy.eu
Go to the profile of Luis Berumen Castro
Luis Berumen Castro
Design Leader & Mentor. 👋 Tell me your story! Find me at www.berumendesign.com & Let’s connect www.linkedin.com/in/luisberumen/.
Go to the profile of Emmanuel Coloma-Flecker
Emmanuel Coloma-Flecker
Product + UX Designer // Using design as a tool for empowerment and advocacy. Harvard and UC Berkeley alumnus. Proud cat dad. (He/Him) emmanuelcoloma.com
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Gil Bouhnick
CoFounder and CTO at Missbeez. Playing at the intersection of technology, design and users. Creating products for 20 years. Owner of www.mobilespoon.net.
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Ankita Gupta
Freelance Designer and Webflow Developer — Creating digital experiences for humans. https://trail-of-thoughts.beehiiv.com/
Go to the profile of Angeliki Koumani
Angeliki Koumani
UX Research & Product Strategy @Mindiply. I try to publish a UX research resource/article every 2 months, follow me to get updated. 💡👀
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Mei Zhang
Product and design wonderland
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Alipta Ballav
Sr Design Manager, Microsoft previously @Cerner @Harman @Wipro
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I talk about Automation, Business, Making Money Using AI, YouTube. Creator Economy is Here, Lets make the most out of it together.
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Erik Starck
Building the startups that will fuel the future of work as the Head of BootstrapLabs Venture Studio for Future of Work
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Ellen M. Shapiro
My career is designing and writing about design. Here, I can write about lots of things. My short fiction attempts to capture and evoke past moments in time.
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Gabriella Lanning
User Research @ Google // Come say hi on LinkedIn
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Adam Fard
Founder of adamfard.com — Mentoring Founders and Product Teams to Improve their Products Experience
Go to the profile of Andi Lozano
Andi Lozano
Texas, born and raised. Will do anything for the promise of food, espesh Chuy’s. UX Designer at IBM Security.
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Andy Sontag
Designing experience that enable people and relationships to grow ☀️ // Kaospilot Experience Design: https://www.kaospilot.dk/product/experience-design/
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Nadia Ahmadi
I am a product designer passionate about improving technology for businesses. I am fascinated by human-computer interaction, entrepreneurship, and design.
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Chien-Chun Wu
Taiwanese. Product Designer writing about design and work. // chienchwu.com
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Jennifer Rittner
Design educator and writer.
Go to the profile of Ákos Csertán
Ákos Csertán
Design strategist and co-founder at Frontìra (www.frontira.com), lecturer and researcher at MOME. Psychologist, product geek, serial volunteer.
Go to the profile of Manuel Blex
Manuel Blex
Designing, writing, creative thinking, guitar playing, skateboard shredding and craft beer drinking. mandolinie.github.io
Go to the profile of Anna Arteeva
Anna Arteeva
Leading Product Design team at Payoneer Germany http://annaarteeva.com/
Go to the profile of Joost Reus
Joost Reus
Product design at Mollie. https://joostreus.com
Go to the profile of Carlos Yllobre
Carlos Yllobre
Product Design Leader, systems thinker, illustrator, ukulele player, surfer, photographer, avid reader and occasional writer. 🇨🇺🇪🇸🇪🇺 www.carlyllo.com
Go to the profile of Ilona D.
Ilona D.
Building streams of passive income 🌱 I write about my favourite ways to achieve financial freedom 🕊
Go to the profile of Maruti Techlabs
Maruti Techlabs
We are a digital product development company and your guide on the digital transformation journey.
Go to the profile of Mallory Kim
Mallory Kim
Senior UX Designer | UX Mentor | Design Consultant | Writer for the UX Collective | www.instagram.com/mk_uxdesign
Go to the profile of Appsee
Qualitative app analytics lets you watch user session recordings and touch heatmaps for every screen, for a deep understanding of UX + user behavior. Appsee.com
Go to the profile of Johanna Ravazenghi
Johanna Ravazenghi
UX Designer | Curious Mind | Art and Technology Lover | Home chef | Argentina …Trying to make a difference...
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Senior UX Designer and team lead | Background as a Java developer and a UI designer #fullstackdesigner | Full Blog: https://uxdesignmastery.com
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Sigit Adinugroho
Reflections on digital product design, travel, food and the in-betweens. Finding my compass.
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Milosz Falinski
Milosz Falinski — founder at Lumi.design. Leads Product-market fit sprints for fast-moving founders. Strategic designer.
Go to the profile of Nick Groeneveld
Nick Groeneveld
Senior UX designer & mentor. Helping designers get a career in UX. Get the UX Jobs Handbook at https://bit.ly/uxjobshandbook
Go to the profile of gT Comer
gT Comer
explorer and wander society resident
Go to the profile of Eugene Fedorenko
Eugene Fedorenko
Principal Designer at Postmark by ActiveCampaign. Author of Figmalion newsletter and book “Designing in Figma” . Passionate about design & dev tools.
Go to the profile of Martina Cavalieri
Martina Cavalieri
Designer and book addicted 📓| UX designer at @twowdigital | Curator of @brutalist_designer | Design Mentor of @ADPList | PhD in Design | 34 ⚖
Go to the profile of Ignacio Soffia
Ignacio Soffia
Contributing to the encounter between people, design and technology. Currently designing Fintual.com
Go to the profile of Parth Taylor
Parth Taylor
Strong believer in the supreme powers of hot chocolate. Finds joy in ideas and beauty in craft.
Go to the profile of Claudia Natasia
Claudia Natasia
Director of UX Research at Highspot. I love writing, prognosticating financial markets, exploring the world, and my corgis. All thoughts are my own.
Go to the profile of Francesca Negro
Francesca Negro
Product Designer @ THE OUT — BD in Psychology — Chief Illustration Officer @ JAM London — www.frncn.com
Go to the profile of Jinson Johny
Jinson Johny
Designer with some motion skills 🧙🏽‍♀️
Go to the profile of Nishant Bali
Nishant Bali
Design Lead @ SAP Labs
Go to the profile of Rosy H Nguyen
Rosy H Nguyen
Digital Product Designer. UX Designer. Udemy Instructor. Author on Amazon Kindle. Visit me bio.link/rosyhnguyen
Go to the profile of Priya Saraswat
Priya Saraswat
Passion for me is to discover solutions that resonate with human emotions. Happiness for me is to write about those design thinking moments.
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Go to the profile of Ritwik Mittal
Go to the profile of Michelle Chiu
Michelle Chiu
Product designer (220K+ views). Prev Coinbase, Meta Creative X and MongoDB. Tweets at www.twitter.com/michelle__chiu.
Go to the profile of Laura Rodriguez
Laura Rodriguez
IBM, Senior User Experience Designer
Go to the profile of Oscar Oto
Oscar Oto
I design and build software. Also write about UX and design techniques, and build Figma plugins sometimes. You may also know me as oodesign.
Go to the profile of Ish∆n
Product Designer and Developer | https://linktr.ee/ishan100
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👋 Boost your design superpowers ⚡️ • https://thalion.prohttps://uxmisfit.comhttps://primedesignsystem.com
Go to the profile of Saurabh Suman
Saurabh Suman
I delve into the complexities of relationships, self care, and mental health with grace and thoughtfulness, empowering others to live their best lives.
Go to the profile of H Locke
H Locke
UX person. I design things and I study humans. 150+ articles on Medium — https://medium.com/@h_locke/lists
Go to the profile of Tom Parandyk
Tom Parandyk
Product designer, eager engineer, strategist, wild innovator, proud dad, creative leader, aspiring musician.
Go to the profile of Harrison Wheeler
Harrison Wheeler
Director of Design at LinkedIn, host of the podcast Technically Speaking with Harrison Wheeler
Go to the profile of Nelly Nelson
Nelly Nelson
I am Nelly Nelson and writes about emerging technology. I focusing on the latest technology, news, gadgets.
Go to the profile of Michal Malewicz
Michal Malewicz
I redefine education at https://hype4.academy and do videos at: 🎬 https://youtube.com/MalewiczHype
Go to the profile of Pranav Ambwani
Pranav Ambwani
early-stage investor
Go to the profile of Shailen Patel
Shailen Patel
Quick reads about psychology-driven engineering and design
Go to the profile of Orana Velarde
Orana Velarde
Designer, artist, writer, multi-faceted creative. www.oranavelarde.com
Go to the profile of RiverCity
Digital Product Design Agency
Go to the profile of Robert Sens
Robert Sens
Interaction designer & team lead. Former iXD at frog, Pratt alumni. Working somewhere near the intersection of design, technology and strategy.
Go to the profile of Preethi Shreeya
Preethi Shreeya
Transcribes from the secret world of my mind.
Go to the profile of Niels Boey
Niels Boey
Product Designer
Go to the profile of Sagar Bhardwaj
Sagar Bhardwaj
Sr. Product Designer at Urban Company. • Prev. smallcase • Toppr • I love to talk about design psychology • Proactive learner •
Go to the profile of Joanna Ngai
Joanna Ngai
UX Designer at Google, illustrator, green tea drinker dribbble.com/joannan | UX for Beginners https://amzn.to/3ekRM00
Go to the profile of José Torre
José Torre
Designer. Working at Shopify by day, being Halfool by night.
Go to the profile of Payman Taei
Payman Taei
I’m helping the world communicate Visually. #VisualContent Master, Designer, #Entrepreneur, #startups. Founder: Visme & HindSite Interactive
Go to the profile of Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray
Research Analyst, Content writer at GoodFirms.co
Go to the profile of Rachel How
Rachel How
I design, code and build stuff 🇲🇾 Sometimes I tell people to visit rachelhow.com 👈
Go to the profile of Raf V.
Raf V.
Product Design Lead
Go to the profile of Christina Pan
Christina Pan
Passionate about building products and teams that bring positivity to people’s everyday lives
Go to the profile of Sophie Hodge
Sophie Hodge
UX/UI Designer based in London, UK
Go to the profile of Rui Policarpo
Rui Policarpo
Product Designer and (former) iOS Developer
Go to the profile of Cristian Radu
Cristian Radu
Design | Gaming | Lifestyle
Go to the profile of Tom Littler
Tom Littler
Co-founder, Chief Product Officer, Lithium Ventures. Web 3.0 Enthusiast. https://www.tomlittler.tech/
Go to the profile of Usman Khan
Usman Khan
Flutter & Android Developer | Writer(Android/Flutter) | UI & UX enthusiast
Go to the profile of Trista liu
Trista liu
Product designer from China
Go to the profile of Rubens Cantuni
Rubens Cantuni
Emmy-awarded Product Designer and Emmys judge. Now @Synthesia. Author of the book http://designappsforkids.comhttp://rubens.design
Go to the profile of UX studio
UX studio
At UX studio, we design awesome digital products together with clients. We are transparent, agile and we build long-term partnerships. https://uxstudioteam.com/
Go to the profile of Esteban Angulo
Esteban Angulo
UX & Product Designer. Curious human being and design thinker.
Go to the profile of Ankita Kapoor
Ankita Kapoor
Hey, I’m Ankita, a tech blogger working with ValueCoders who loves to share her extensive tech-related knowledge with like-minded people.
Go to the profile of Sayyam Mittal
Go to the profile of Neuron
UX/UI Design Agency based in San Francisco
Go to the profile of Belousova Model
Belousova Model
Tech lead with 10yrs+ in design and software development, apps and fashion.
Go to the profile of Natfrenchie
Natalie is a book editor who helps authors get their books out of their heads and into print. A former publishing house editor-in-chief
Go to the profile of Raitis Velps
Raitis Velps
Go to the profile of Reda Attarça
Reda Attarça
French air breather and technology enthusiast
Go to the profile of Nick Lawrence
Nick Lawrence
UI/UX designer with over twelve years of experience in the design industry. nicklawrencedesign.com | designwalkthroughs.com
Go to the profile of Joe Thomas
Joe Thomas
EV traveler, writer, futurist. Author of The Wealth of the Planet, While We Were Charging, and Martian Economics --> https://a.co/d/3z6f4CC
Go to the profile of Yun Xuan
Yun Xuan
writes about content strategy and user experience
Go to the profile of Marilia Moita
Marilia Moita
UX Researcher, Service Designer & Product Design Director. Co-Founder of Design Research Portugal :) *My thoughts are my own and are not representative of 3rds
Go to the profile of Zakary Kinnaird
Zakary Kinnaird
Product designer ⭐️ Father 🤹 Creator/Collector/collaborator 🎭
Go to the profile of Lorenzo Doremi
Lorenzo Doremi
A Jack of all trades UX guy. Mainly interested in human-computer interaction, contemporary sociology and art.
Go to the profile of Yuhan Xie
Yuhan Xie
Incoming Product Designer at LinkedIn. Sharing my journey on design, emerging tech, and guinea pigs:)
Go to the profile of Diego Seara
Diego Seara
UX Designer. El que ríe el último... es porque piensa más despacio.
Go to the profile of Rikke Friis Dam
Rikke Friis Dam
Co-founder of the Interaction Design Foundation which specializes in education for designers through self-paced online courses, master classes, and bootcamps.
Go to the profile of Shaunak Bhanarkar
Shaunak Bhanarkar
Product Designer
Go to the profile of Vikalp Kaushik
Vikalp Kaushik
Helping you create better designs and grow faster as a designer | FREE Ebooks & Play "The UI Game": betterdesigning.com
Go to the profile of Nathasha
UI/UX Engineer👩‍💻 Instead, more of who am I, let me tell you what I believe. 🔥” Every tunnel has a light at the end”🔥 @UxWithNathasha.
Go to the profile of Mark Boyes-Smith
Mark Boyes-Smith
Head of Design, Miro
Go to the profile of Vishnuaravi
Go to the profile of Srishti Vashishtha
Srishti Vashishtha
You can contact me: @neophux on Instagram or can mail me -neophux@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Sai Swarup Mohanty
Sai Swarup Mohanty
I'm a business-driven Product Designer@Rubrik awed by people’s Habit formation. I strive to design simple & timeless experiences.
Go to the profile of Ronas IT
Ronas IT
Full-cycle development company. We design, develop, and maintain apps since 2007. To learn more - https://ronasit.com/?utm_source=medium&utm_medium=profile-link
Go to the profile of Maanvirjaglan
Go to the profile of Nabakulsoom
Go to the profile of Aaply
Aaply is a design mobile app
Go to the profile of Jessica Bennett — Tech Enthusiast and Marketer
Jessica Bennett — Tech Enthusiast and Marketer
Web Design & Development Know-how along with Branding and Conversion.
Go to the profile of Benjamin Adroit, PhD
Benjamin Adroit, PhD
I'm a researcher in paleoecology (Swedish Museum of Natural History 🇸🇪 ; Mediterranean Institute of marine and terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecology 🇫🇷)
Go to the profile of Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker is a software developer. He is write on various topic in his hree time.
Go to the profile of Lauren Gibbs
Lauren Gibbs
Lauren Gibbs is a web developer specialized in web app development. She loves to write about technology blogs. You can find her bylines in many famous blogs.
Go to the profile of Agastya Khatri
Agastya Khatri
Lifelong Learner | Web Developer | Writer 💻✍️
Go to the profile of Adelina Martin
Go to the profile of Readymag
The most elegant, simple and powerful web-tool for designing websites, presentations, portfolios and all kinds of digital publications.
Go to the profile of Joy Anderson
Joy Anderson
Joy Anderson: Tech consultant transforming businesses with expertise in digital solutions. Passionate about driving innovation and achieving digital excellence.