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Top Logo Design Companies

Best Logo Designers for Startups, B2B, Enterprise, Small business, SMB, SaaS. In San Francisco (SF), New York (NYC), London, Austin, Los Angeles (LA)

The Best Logo Design Agencies in the world:

1. Amberd Design Studio

2. Logo Design NYC

3. KD Branding, LLC

4. UK LOGO Designs

To choose the right logo designer for your startup, you need to know how a standard visual brand identity design process usually go

startup logo design sketching
  • Full color, scalable logo
  • Black and White version
  • Horizontal and vertical variations
  • Different versions for web, print, merchandise, paper products, and other specialized needs
  • Audience
  • Service or product descriptions
  • Vision
  • Core philosophy
  • Market
  • What brands are they similar to? What do they like or dislike about their brand identity or logo?
  • What kinds of driving forces or passions are behind the company?
  • Is your brand young, fun, and irreverent or established and serious?
  • Are their adjectives or emotions that reflect your brand? Think fresh, strong, bold, playful.




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