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A selection of inspiring examples and ideas for Logotypes and Logo Design works

Last updated: January 18, 2021

Every logo designer approaches a stage of the work when he/she looks for inspiration to start their career. Since any high-quality logo should have such qualities as memorability, versatility, originality, functionality, uniqueness, scalability, suitability, approaching a new logo design turns into a long and grueling process. It is especially worth considering how difficult it is to create a logo that has a shape that has never been invented before.

Of course, the easiest way is to contact a specialized company that can provide you with quality logo design services. However, if there is a need to make a logo yourself, you can certainly spend a lot of time looking for inspiration on resources like Dribbble, Behance, or Pinterest.

Our experts decided to put together a selection to save your time, which includes both animated and static logos made in various design styles.

Successful logo design is a pure art. Even if you have a great idea, many people will not understand it. However, it is a real pleasure to look at a beautifully designed logo that tells you a story you can’t resist to read.

Only by visual perception a user should get an idea of your business. It should be clear and mind-blowing at the first sight. Such a logo for sure will be memorable and will transmit a specific message. While it is important to promote your logo visually (e.g., via social networks), it is equally important to develop its own personality.

Dribbble is a source for gathering and sharing high-quality design work. It allows designers to show their works, discover new findings and comment them. As its main motto is “Work, not spaces” it has become one of the best resources where one can look for logo design inspiration. Such a competition stimulates designers to show their best works. Besides, it is a great place to find friends for a design collaboration since it is also a social network.

This is another resource for designers to gather inspiration among talented designers and to promote their own works . It allows uploading and displaying of all eye-catching designs. You can also watch various critiques and discussions there. As Behance is a social network, you can just add a link to your portfolio and ask for critiques.

Since Pinterest is a visual resource it is ideal for finding inspiration for logo design and other design concepts. Pinterest is an excellent place to get a list of best design sources with awesome creative duos working in the desired design disciplines.

It can take from a few weeks to a few month depending on the scope. Also , it depends on a designer experience and a client brief expectations and engagement in a design process. It takes from few days to few weeks depending on if we are to create a bespoke logo or we are to create a template logo. Another important aspect of logo design is how bright or dark a design looks. Before you even debate on it, it demands a thorough understanding of the logo’s intended use.

Logo sign/symbol
Logo symbol is an essential part of any logo design. There are some “rules” of symbol use according to which a symbol creates an impression of the logo as a whole. The most common techniques used to design a logo symbol are perspective and/or 3D, shadows, gradients or any colorful effects.

Font is, as a rule, a choice of capital letters not only for a logo design but for any type of design. Typeface is a very important factor to be considered while creating a logo. There are some basic rules that should be followed while choosing the right typeface.
To get the most creativity of a font, it is important to avoid too little contrast between the different parts of a glyph. In case there is too little contrast, one would be able to guess what the word is which would be boring as well. It is good to enlighten the shape of a glyph with some transparency so the graphic element will have more aesthetic value.

The font style is one of the most important factors while creating a logo. It is the design composition that attracts a prospective client to a service or product and provides a more comprehensive view of a name’s personality.
A perfectly professional font may increase the personality of a logo, and strong, bright, large typefaces might draw more attention than a standard office font, for example. There are many aspects of the typeface such as font weight, contrast, line height, proportion, features decorations, and serif/sans-serif. These aspects are imperative in the decision of the font style.

Depending on the client requirements and the competition, it is hard to predict a difference between professional and personal typefaces. However, it is possible to ensure minimal differences in font style.

Color palette
Logo color palette is one of the main aspects to many logo design. Color palette in a logo design should be maintained the most important things that go into the branding of a service or company of a product. In addition to the primary colors of the logo, the palette should include at least two secondary colors: one of tints and one of shades.
When it comes to logo colors, a logo designer should keep in mind that the consistency of the logo color scheme is very important as colors can be easily noticed by the viewer.

It’s worth noting that the logo design is the cornerstone of the graphic appearance of your organization. The main function of the logo is to draw attention to your organization and to highlight its position in the market or create an image of your business.

For the logo design project, it is important to choose a professional. But how do you know that you have found the right designer? Here are some steps to help you find a designer:

1. Define the project

Be careful in the definition of the type of work that you will order. It is necessary to set the scope of work in order to determine the approach used. It helps to see the logo as a whole, both its inception and its result.

2. Choose your budget

It is essential to spend the budget as efficiently as possible and to use it effectively. If you do not choose the best designer for the job based on its budget, it will be a problem since the result will not be good.

3. Choose the concrete designer

It is not enough to look for a generalized designer. You need to find the one that will be able to fulfill the work and will be most efficient in applying the precise knowledge of the graphic industry.

Designing a logo is very hard, it takes time and effort to create something unique and memorable. Keep exploring by creating lots of sketches, iterate and remember that design is a process and you can always iterate and redesign it in future.


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✨ They Make Design ✨

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We help to spread the word about awesome design works https://medium.com/theymakedesign/top-branding-agencies-bcf12154af9b



We help to spread the word about awesome design works

✨ They Make Design ✨

Written by

We help to spread the word about awesome design works https://medium.com/theymakedesign/top-branding-agencies-bcf12154af9b



We help to spread the word about awesome design works

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