Thoughts on Society

Thoughts on issues of our society

Being a Female Misogynist

Meeting the monster that lives inside me

This is my favorite anniversary.

Boomers vs. Millennials

They’re both right…and wrong

A wise man once told me that those in power conspire to pit groups against one another to divert their attention…

Lady Evil

We too can commit atrocities, as Margaret Atwood, the social media and American Horror Story have taught us

A very disturbing video featuring one teenager violently kicking and punching another, shot in a school courtyard in the outskirt of Milan, has made it to the news.

What Does Our Taste In Hip Hop Say About Our Society?

Perceiving American Youth By Their Taste In Hip Hop

The Closet Christian

In defense of the Christians, Christianity, and the phenomenom of the “Christian Closet”

“Who in here has had sex?”


A thought experiment.

There are people who ask for more tolerance. Tolerance for others’ faith, beliefs, tastes, colour, sex etc. They say that is the only way mankind can have a peaceful existence. So I thought I’d do a little thought experiment. Let us imagine a dystopian world.
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Touch Starved

Sensory deprivation in conservative societies

Love is the most dangerous thing in the world because it cuts across barriers of caste, class, gender. I come from a touch starved family. I touch people when I am speaking as if to assure myself they are listening. it took me years to understand this, plus my dabbling into psychology to understand that…


the true respect…

Okay. So this is going to be difficult.

This topic is about respecting our thoughts. We easily let our thoughts and…

Paging Generation X

How Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show signals that our time is nearly here

When Jimmy Fallon recently took over The Tonight Show he became one of only 6 hosts in the show’s 60 year history. There’s good reason for that. Hosts of the The Tonight Show have been in some ways representatives of their generation, but more specifically an…

An Unentitled Sense Of Entitlement

Thad Ray

It's interesting how much controversy a Coke commercial can stir up. People are upset because the people in the commercial…

Experiences are the new social signifiers

Prince recently took London by storm. He performed a series of short-notice, small-scale gigs. Only the lucky few could attend. Anyone who didn’t get a ticket was massively envious of those who were there. Those who were there documented every moment through social media.

Just do it!? 

Negative aspects of modern mass-sports

We tend to associate sports with values: determination, dedication, sacrifice, achievement; perhaps because of…

We’re All In This Together

“What is feminism? Simply the belief that women should be as free as men, however nuts, dim, deluded, badly dressed, fat, receding, lazy…

 “We Don’t Need Another Dr. Khan”

The Meaning of Choice and identity as a South Asian Diaspora

From the age of six, I can remember wanting to be a doctor. I…

Unpaid internships, inequality and educating self-worth

The problem with the reporting on the problem with internships

Needless to say, for anyone in the communications and media industry, unpaid internships are a hot topic right now.

This recent New York Times piece frames the situation fairly accurately, however, they take an…

Overcoming Societial Pressures

a hack on life

I’ve always been a big feeler. In-fact, for a long time I considered my hypersensitivity to be a huge weakness of my own. It’s not so much that I’m the type of friend who cries when you’re mean to them or the type of person who’s really good at confrontation because of all the experience they have in the subject. No, I’m…

Technology‘s Influence on Society

The question: will technological evolution take us in desirable directions, as we usually assume biological evolution does?

No More Christian Nice Girl*

I’m not a conformist, ya know.

This story you’re about to read is probably going to offend someone. If that’s you, that’s unfortunate…

The Truth: Being A Plus Sized Woman

I’m not ashamed. #PlusAndProud

I’m sure you’ve always heard about all types of women complaining about how they look. “Do these…

Thoughts on Society
Thoughts on Society

Thoughts on issues of our society

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