TOMO Cheat Sheet #5 — Experiencing TomoChain’s Testnet Collection (Pt.2)

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3 min readJun 29, 2020


“Practice makes perfect” — that’s the phrase always mentioned when it comes to reaching one’s best version. Perfection requires time, energy, and lots of practice. Understanding this ever-lasting rule, TomoChain provides users with a testnet version for each of our products, before releasing the final mainnet version.

Issue your own unique TRC21 token with TomoZ.

Detailed guides on how to experience TomoZ Testnet

Web version


With just under 5 steps, users can easily deploy their own customized TRC 21 token — the first and the only type of crypto token which can be transferred among token holders without holding the blockchain native token (TOMO) in their wallets. An amount of around 20 TOMO is required to cover the token issue and transaction fees.

DEX-ing like a real pro with TomoX.

Detailed guides on how to experience TomoX Testnet

How to wrap/unwrap your tokens using TomoBridge
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Book researching is important, but it takes real-life applications to sharpen one’s skills. Catching the price at the right time on the candle chart is not an easy game, which tends to set users back from roaming on these crypto exchanges. Thus, if you get the chance to test your risk-taking limits and analyzing skills, without losing any real tokens, why miss out on this?

Experiencing anonymous transactions that leave behind no trace on TomoP (available on TomoWallet testnet desktop version)

Detailed guides on how to experience TomoP Testnet

How to create an anonymous transaction with TomoP


Privacy has been an on-going issue in everyday life matters, including a rather new field like blockchain. TomoP generates safety by masking users under a ninja mask, without creating too many changes into the existing TomoWallet platform. Same steps as buying and selling normal TOMO, the only difference lies in the private wallet addresses that no one but the owner can get access to.


In the end, testnets play a very important role in perfecting TomoChain’s ecosystem. By launching testnets, TomoChain is able to test out systems and collect users’ feedback on how to improve our services. While a complete set of TomoChain’s testnet 2.0 has been rolled out since 2018, the testnet protocols mentioned above win the most votes from our community when it comes to frequent usage.

It’s important to learn from mistakes and to grow from them. Thus, TomoChain’s testnet collection acts as a stepping stone for the ultimate mainnet version, helping users to create mistake-free experiences and at the same time upgrading TomoChain’s products.