Travel Tech Con 2018 Full Recap is Out!

Marina Berezovska
Aug 8, 2018 · 12 min read

Enjoy the recorded keynotes & panels and great shots from the conference! Startup Pitch Competition recap is here.

What a blast TTC18 was — three days of powerful content, incredible speakers, top notch startup pitches, meaningful discussions and good times! But don’t take our word for that!

Thank you, Travel Tech Con! TTC18 was a perfect mix of industry veterans, startups and disruptors. Truly a great forum for discussion. Very well organized! Oh and it was a lot of fun! — Rondevoo

Truly amazing event. You have officially ruined me for startup conferences. I am not sure any can compare. Great job to you and the team — Touch & Discover

Big love for Travel Tech Con. Thank you for bringing great people together & putting on a fantastic event! — Enterprise Ireland

Dear travel tech con team, I just wanted to drop a quick note to congratulate you on a fantastic event. You managed to create a very special open and relaxed atmosphere, and the quality of the startups and attendees overall is very high. It was great to be there, thank you for inviting me — XXL Solutions / Hamburg Aviation Conference

Great panel, great event. Well organized three day event — laser focused, great venues, open collaborative vibe — LUFT

Thanks to the amazing team at Travel Tech Con for an epic weekend full of inspiration and motivation — Skyhi

Shoutout to the TTC18 team for an amazing and inspiring three days! You did a great job. Thank you — Groupdesk

We thank each and every one of our community members and industry friends who jumped on this opportunity to come together to have an unbiased, straight-to-the-point, no-bullsh.t discussion about technologies that will power travel in the next 5-10 years.

Travel Tech Con has started and has grown as a truly community driven phenomenonindependent, self sustained, self organized and not for profit. Everything that happens at our events, whether it’s the annual conference, travel tech meetups or hackathons — is launched, organized and run by community members and for community members, on voluntary basis with the goal to foster open, permission-less innovation in travel.

Enjoy the Photos

Big shoutout to our incredible photographers who volunteered their time to capture TTC18 experience:

Yan Kadaks | Brian Addison | Andrii Skaliuk

Keynotes, panels and community talks + slides

Full Recording & Slides

Susan on LinkedIn

Full Recording & Slides

Max on LinkedIn

Full Recording & Slides

Luke on LinkedIn

Full Recordings:

Customer Acquisition Panel

B2B Sales & Partnerships Panel

Fundraising Panel

Full Recording & Slides

Xavier on LinkedIn

Full Recording & Slides

Boyd on LinkedIn

Full Recording

Full Recording

Konrad on LinkedIn

Full Recording & Slides

Hendrik on LinkedIn

Full Recording & Slides

Juan on LinkedIn

Full Recording & Slides

Bharath on LinkedIn

Full Recording & Slides

Johnny on LinkedIn

Full Recording & Slides

Tobi on LinkedIn

Full Recording & Slides

Mike on LinkedIn

Shoutout to our supporters — JetBlue Technology Ventures and TTC18 after party sponsor — The Glenlivet — for ensuring our community is having a great time together!

What’s Next

TTC team is heads down working on the upcoming travel tech community and developer events in the US and Europe — check out Winding Tree Blockchain Hackathon in Prague on October 24–25th 2018.

Keep an eye for the announcements and early community invites via our newsletter and FB group. On the technology side — check out the latest news on Winding Tree open source, Blockchain based travel distribution platform here.

See you next time,

Travel Tech Con Team

Travel Tech Con

Travel Startups Community & Events

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