Travel Tech Con 2018 Workshops Program Preview

Marina Berezovska
Apr 30, 2018 · 2 min read

We are stoked to announce the workshops program for June 8th — the Deep Dives portion of Travel Tech Con 2018! Innovation keynotes lineup + in-depth workshops + pitch competition = killer lineup this year!

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Please note that on June 8th all 30min-1hr lecture style workshops will allow walk-ins for all TTC18 Pass holders, however due to high demand and limited spots for Blockchain and Business Models workshop the attendees will also require an advance RSVP in addition to TTC18 pass — we are sending out RSVP form to all pass holders.

Full details and workshops schedule will be available via TTC18 Conference App shortly. Meanwhile, here is a quick preview.

Advance RSVP Workshops

9:00am — 12:00pm: Business Models Design

Business Models workshop is an Interactive hands-on session to build out 9 primary aspects of a successful business model with the help of the Business Model Canvas — strategic tool & process developed by Business Models Inc. Workshop is delivered by Business Models Inc. mentor and strategist Tobias Strobl. For best results — have 2–3 people from your team working together.

1:00pm — 4:00pm: Working with Blockchain Based Distribution

Blockchain workshop is a hands-on, engineering/product teams oriented training on working with Blockchain based demand and supply side distribution. Workshop is delivered by Winding Tree team. For best results — have your laptop with dev environment set up with you & make sure attending team members have at least minimum programming skills. Prior Blockchain dev experience is not required.

Walk-in Workshops

Join these workshops at Travel Tech Con 2018 — get your passes here.

Travel Tech Con

Travel Startups Community & Events

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